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If you enjoy playing adventurous puzzle games then you should play the Legendary: Game Of Heroes. Your main objective in this game is to collect rare and epic hero cards and compete in several missions. In this interesting and fun game, you need to bring together the amazing team of legendary heroes by completing puzzles. So, will you be able to evolve hundreds of heroes in the game? Before you start playing, read this article till the end to know some vital aspects of Legendary: Game Of Heroes.


Gems, Gold, And VIP Subscription:

Gems and Gold are the two main currency of the game. You will need them in huge amounts for progressing in Legendary: Game Of Heroes. To make the game simpler, most gamers purchase the VIP Subscription as they can grow swiftly with it. However, if you do not want to spend money on subscribing for the VIP Status then you can certainly make use of a reliable Legendary Game Of Heroes Hack. Some of the benefits that you can acquire through VIP Status are loads of in-game currencies and resources, access to exclusive content, ad-free game, and much more.

Power Gems:

You can create these special gems by making a single match of 5 or more gems of the same color. The power gems can be used for starting an attack. Each power gem denotes its level, which is displayed in roman numerals. If you create a power gem by matching 5 gems then you get a Level I power gem. Similarly, if you match 6 gems then you get Level II power gem. 7 matches create Level III and 8 or more matches create Level IV power gem.

Power gems are extremely helpful in the game. For instance; if you have matched red colored 6 gems then you will get Level II power gems of red color. The power gems can be used to attack all enemy characters of red color instead of a single enemy. So, power gems can be used for dealing massive damage.

Moreover, if you have two power gems next of each other in the grid, then you can swap them to activate a team up attack. The team up attack will destroy innumerable gems at the same time thus making you progress quickly in the game. Also you should consider using Legendary Game Of Heroes Cheats as it makes the game much easier.


You will come across innumerable resources in the game. When you participate in certain quests, you will occasionally get shards. After collecting 20 of the same shards and some Gold, you can evolve specific heroes. Most of the items can be purchased by spending in-game currency. These items are available at the Daily Dungeon Store. However, the items keep rotating, so you need to check the store daily to see which items are available for sale. Some examples of items that you can acquire are Beetle Shard, Wand Shard, Corrupt Egg Shard, Titan Core Shard, etc.

Listed below are two most important tips that you should follow to make Legendary: Game Of Heroes game easier:

Join The Guild:

The main benefit of joining a guild is that you will be able to earn loads of Honor Points. Remember that you should join a guild that does not have many members. This will enhance your chance of being selected as a part of quest or an ally. Whenever a gamer selects your card as their ally card, you will be rewarded with 30 Honor Points.

Honor Points can be used for purchasing Honor XP Packs. These packs are filled with rare hero cards, in-game currencies, stamina, and several other freebies. So, you should certainly join a guild as soon as you can and enjoy the benefits that it offers to gamers.

Plan Your Moves:

Don’t be in a rush to match the gems on the grid. As there is no time limit to play your turn, you should examine the grid properly and then try to make as many combos as possible. Moreover, by deciding the moves carefully, you will be able to complete the level in fewer turns. This will enable you to earn more number of Stars at the end of each stage.

Caution – The puzzles in Legendary: Game Of Heroes and the quest for acquiring the rarest heroes will keep you occupied for several weeks. So, indulge in the game only if you have plenty of free time and also don’t forget to have fun with Legendary Game Of Heroes Cheats!

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