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Linda Brown Interactive Story Cheats

Linda Brown Interactive Story Cheats – Diamonds and Tickets

Linda Brown Interactive story is a romantic question-based plot game that can be played on iOS and Android platforms. It was published by the other guys. In this game, there is a romantic plot-based game. In the game, you will live the life of a character named Linda Brown. Linda Brown is famous that is chased by a number of men in the game. One needs to go through several romantic situations to give her romantic life a happy ending. This game doesn’t much require that much space and ram that is required for other games. So, the game can be enjoyed by everyone.



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Linda Brown Interactive Story Hack


There are two central funds in the game that one needs to collect to get to the next stages. In fact, there are many Linda Brown Interactive Story cheats available on the internet that allows you to have access to unlimited diamonds and the tickets. With them, you can play the game smoothly and can unlock various innovative features and enjoy them. These two currencies are the:

  • Diamonds
  • Tickets.




  • It consists of a plot that makes a person get immersed in the game to experience the story of suspense and love.
  • In the game, one needs to make decisions about every single thing to lead the story of Linda brown love life.
  • Beautiful Locations

The game consists of a number of mesmerizing places of Rio, Brazil to choose from. IT depends on the users who place he/she find more amazing to play the game in.

Even one can enjoy more features by unlocking them with the help of diamonds and the tickets. For that, if you don’t want to make many efforts and earn the currency quickly, then one can easily follow the Linda Brown Interactive Story hack that will allow you to earn unlimited currency. Then you can easily enjoy the various amazing features of the game.

Tips and tricks

  • Story intends to get more intense with every stage

In the starting of the game, a screen will pop up showing you the general guidelines and the instructions of the game. Furthermore, the upcoming scenes will contain some conversation. In this way, the characters will meet each other.

Progressing further, you’ll get to know more about the life of Linda Brown. You will realize all the necessary details about her ex-boyfriend named Kevin. Here, Kevin will chase you and will try to talk to you. After some time you’ll get to know about your both relationship and what the reason for the breakup was? The outcome of the story will now depend on the way you continue the conversation and the way you tackle the situations. Here it is suggested to ignore Kevin and to go straight to catch the flight.

  • The knight in the Shining Armor

Now suddenly a muscular man will appear in the scene with his two bodyguards. He’ll try you to keep you away from Kevin. He’ll warn Kevin to stay away from you; otherwise, he’ll be badly beaten. Then, Bruno will come you sweetly with a broad smile on the face, but you will be so mesmerized by his personality, that you became dumbstruck. He’ll offer you help, and you’ll accept it sweetly as you also don’t have any option other than taking his help. This will send a feeling of warmth to his body, and he’ll feel good that you appreciate his help.

  • Bruno’s efforts

Bruno will make efforts to get your contact at any cost, and you will also be expecting a call from him. Now a new character named Cynthia will arrive in the story. You’ll go to her and make her realize that there will not be any problem if you offer your issues to Kevin with the help of Cynthia.

Now here the Linda Brown Interactive Story hack will come handy in. It’s because these hacks provide you with an endless number of diamonds and tickets that can be used to unlock more parts of the story.  The precious stones will let you appreciate each and every moment of the Linda Brown story.

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  1. Linda brown the best interactive story l have never play.I can’t wait for the new episodes.All caracters are great but I prefer Bruno for Linda.

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