Linda Brown Interactive Story Hack

Linda Brown Interactive Story

Linda Brown Interactive Story Hacks – Best Tool For Unlimited Diamonds and Tickets

Linda Brown Interactive Story is a very addictive and exciting game that pictures the love story of Linda Brown, a famous singer. Endgame where you will be living the life of Linda brown walking through a lot of situations romantic part of the story. Linda Brown is such a lady who is being changed by almost all the men.

Here, in the story, you have the power to unleash the whole story and see who your real love becomes. The Other Guys publish the game Linda Brown Interactive Story. The entire storyline of the game becomes a lot twistier because of the romantic plot. Various decisions will take you the end of the story, rest the end depends upon you that whether it will be a happy ending or a sad one as compared to other decision-making games available on the Playstore, it requires fewer device requirements. Also, the particular game is playable on both the Android and iOS having devices.

Talking about the gameplay, then it very simple and can be easily understood. You can easily choose your decision and complete the story, but the thing is that without being familiar with the features and elements of the game, you won’t be able to play. Also, the in-game currencies can cause you to face a lot of issues that you can resolve with the help of Linda Brown Interactive Story cheats. Rest, we are here to guide you about the remaining essential parts of the game.


The game, however, doesn’t have that many distinct features, but it has a lot more to enjoy. Let me introduce to you the bundle of exciting elements it has.

  • A gripping plot that can solely immerse you in the game, and you will also be able to experience the love and suspense by relating yourself to the character.
  • Decision making part of the game allows you to live the Linda Brown your way. You can purely decide every single thing in the game from dress to the career and the partner.
  • Locations in the game are one of the most beautiful parts. Linda Brown Interactive Story features a lot of beautiful and mesmerizing sites in Rio, Brazil. Rest, you can decide from the set of the location you find beautiful to play in.

These are some of the features of the game that you can enjoy. Rest, if you are interested in unlocking more exclusive features, then you will have to spend tickets and diamonds in the game. However, if in the game you run out of diamonds, then you can take the help of Linda Brown Interactive Story hack and enjoy unlimited diamonds utterly free of cost.

Tips and tricks

  • Intensity increases

Initially, in the starting of the game, you will get to know about the general guidelines of the game. After that, a scene will appear where you get to read out some conversations to get an idea about the entire storyline.  Similarly, you will be introduced to many other characters in the game, as well. It means that as you will progress in the game, the story will get intense, and you will have to keep a good memory of every character.

Later on, in the game, you will be introduced to a character named Kevin, the ex-boyfriend of Linda Brown. He will chase you, but you will have to make the decisions accordingly.

  • All about Bruno

Bruno is a masculine character that will appear in the scenes with two of his bodyguards. HE can be your real love in the game. As you will meet him once, he will try to contact you no matter what happens. Not only is this, but he will put his best efforts to keep your away from your ex-boyfriend, Kevin, as well no matter what happens. SO here you have to appreciate his help as he will protect you from your ex. Thereby he will feel good and will make him feel the warmth of your slight care.

In-game currencies

Currencies are the most crucial segment of the game, especially when it comes to decision-making games. So, the Linda Brown Interactive Story also does have some in-game currencies that can’t be neglected at all. There are two currencies featured here that are the diamonds and the tickets. These two funds help you figure out the mystery quickly in the game. With a good collection of diamonds and cards, you can unlock various features like unique decisions and much more. Talking about the collection of the currencies, then these can easily be collected by completing the stories and getting on to the new level. However, you will see many Linda Brown Interactive Story cheats that will give you free access to unlimited credits in the game.

That’s all about the game Linda Brown Interactive Story. I hope our guide helps you in the game to lead the story your way!!

Linda Brown Interactive Story Hacks

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