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Lords Mobile Hack 2020 – Get Unlimited Gems Easy And Fast

Lords Mobile Hack 2020 – Get Unlimited Gems Easy And Fast

The main currency of Lords Mobile game is Gems which can be generated with Lords Mobile Hack. You need to earn both currencies in the game as they are required to unlock troops, buy War Tomes, Soul Crystals, and many more vital items. Gems and Diamonds can be purchased with real world money; however, you can even make use of our guide to acquire them in the game.



An easy and safe method to generate tons of Gems and Diamonds without delay is by using Lords Mobile Hack 2020. You can earn limited amount of Gems by farming and trading daily in the game. If your gaming character ranks well in the game, then you can earn Diamonds as rewards. You should login to the game each day to earn bonus rewards in form of Gems, otherwise simply use Lords Mobile Cheats.

An exceptional in-game currency is Soul Crystals, which are required for upgrading some special buildings. You can buy them from the game shop or acquire by unlocking monster chests. When you buy a gift pack, you can get Soul Crystals as freebies.

What To Build?

In Lords Mobile game, you need to start by constructing the buildings. However, gamers usually get confused on what to build first as there are three kinds of areas that can be built; tactical, resource, and unique. Read on, to know what to build in the game!



Resource is the area where you can construct resource buildings, which will let you earn passive resources. You should always make more of stone and wood as you will need them to upgrade your buildings. As your army grows, the consumption of food will increase. So, you should concentrate on producing more food. In short, your need for resources will keep changing as you keep progressing in the game. Ensure that you plan accordingly!

The Tactical area is the one that has barracks, infirmaries, manors, etc. More barracks means more troops; so build better and more number of barracks. Manor will help in decreasing the training time that is needed for a troop. It also generates passive Gold, so if you require them then you need to build Manors. When your troops are hit in the battlefield, the Infirmaries will prevent them from dying. Also, some of them will recover instantly. To manage bigger army force, infirmaries will be helpful.

You can build only one unique building at a time, so it is important to concentrate on upgrading the area. The first and foremost unique building that you should upgrade is the Academy as it will enhance each element of the game. Gradually, you can upgrade the forge, battle hall, wall, trading post, watchtower, etc.

Protecting Your Army

Make use of the shield to protect your army for most of the time. Also, ensure that you provide shelter to your troop. Whenever you plan to attack on the opponents, you should send thousands of T1 troops to absorb the ones that die. This will save you from getting many dead troops. So, use our Lords Mobile Cheats and have an enjoyable time while building your kingdom.

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