Love And Diaries Aaron Cheats

Love And Diaries Aaron Cheats – An Easy Way To Get Action Points PA Hack

Love and diaries is an all-new spine-tingling and sensational romantic game where one can enjoy the love life of the character on the basis of choices you make. It is an erotic conversation based drama game that was published by Tictales and is available for downloads on the iOS and the Android platform. Here you will be playing the character of a masculine man named Aron.  By know, you may have understood that Love and Diaries Aaron is a role-playing game. The game was released on 11th of May 2017 and is greatly cherished by the users. In the game, you will meet various fascinating characters and build Bonds with them if you have enough energy to explore and for that, you can avail the Love and Diaries Aaron cheats to have access to the features that you can enjoy while having unlimited energy.




According to the plot of the game, you have just started your carrier in the new airline company. There you meet one of your colleagues, named Aron, a muscular and handsome guy at your office. Will he become the man of your life? By pinning down hour decisions you can adventurously take your love life to a happy- ending.

Tips and tricks to boost up your energy

In the game, there is a central fund that is energy. You will require a particle slot of energy in order to perform various set of tasks and continue the conversation. Every other day your energy bar will be refilled in the game and you perform a various set of activities. There is one more point to remember here is that if you don’t use your energy one day, thinking that next day 100 energy will pile in the previous bar of energy. But that’s not the case you’ll lose your 100 energy of the previous day and only 100 will be left. It means now you have 100 energy for two days. Therefore, it is advised to use your energy wisely in the game for specified tasks.

If you don’t want to beat the brains in these things in order to gain more energy, then you can simply opt for the Love and Diaries Aaron hack that will allow you to enjoy an unlimited amount of energy. You can then play as many tasks you want to play without worrying about losing the energy.

Salient Features

  • Here you can pin down the choices to influence your bonds with other characters.
  • Your choices will decide the ending of the story. As there are no endings in the game, therefore, you don’t need to worry about anything as you will later or sooner get into the frame of the main storyline.
  • You can flirt with many characters in the game to see if he can become your partner in your love life or not. It is completely in your hand how you make the decisions and lead in the game. If you want to explore the city then you can, but not unless or until your energy bar doesn’t get empty. However, you can achieve the limitless amount of energy in the game by using the Love and Diaries Aaron cheats.
  • The Love and Diaries Aaron game is full of mystery, and fun and melodrama. you can here meet new character daily and build bonds with them. Each character you will meet has its own importance. Maybe it’s not beneficial for you in the ongoing storyline but these characters may help you further in the game. Spending time on these will surely repay you.

But here is one tip that doesn’t make bonds with every single character. As some characters may become an obstacle with you in the game. You need to see with whom you want to make bonds and come closer to.

  • If you are also among the ones who love enjoying the romantic novels, then this game will surely submerge you in its zealous storyline. now as you may have got an idea about the game then you can take your love story to the desired ending with the help of the complex characters in the game.

These are some adventurous features in the Love and Diaries Aaron game that you can enjoy your delight romantic love life.




  1. Vert good love thé game ans i was needeed tout continue on because i dont liké it wen we have to stat, this hack is amazing!!

  2. i wish this thing can be so easy for me to do just like other people. anyway, i love this game because the plot twist is crazy and i need these cheat literally because im broke. thank you for sharing.

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