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Love Nikki-Dress Up Queen; aka Love Nikki is an entertaining dress up game where you have to disguise your playable characters in an outfit of your choice. The gameplay is absolutely simple, as you need to dress your gaming character Nikki and challenge other NPCs or online players for a style duel. The player with the best fashion sense wins the battle.

An interesting aspect about Love Nikki game is that it is not just a simple dress up game; it also has a compelling storyline that lets you embark on a magical journey of fashion through seven different countries. The game provides an opportunity to display your fashion sense to the entire world. It sounds easier said than done as it is very difficult to earn a spot on the leaderboards or win arena challenge. If you want to achieve success in the game, then you need to take care of three things; i.e. Stamina, Gold, and Diamonds. Let’s discuss about each of them.


It is one of the most important components in the game as you have to keep a tab on your stamina bar every time. Whatever you do in the game requires some stamina and once your stamina bar is empty, you will have to give your avatar some rest until they recuperate.


It is the main game currency, which can be earned in many ways like; completing daily dress up challenges, logging to the game each day, reaching new levels, unlocking certain achievements, and more. However, as you progress higher in the game, you will require more and more amounts of Gold in order to purchase the best dress for your avatar.


Diamonds are the most powerful currency in the game as they will enable you to purchase the best designer clothing and accessories. Another vital use of Diamonds is that it can help you replenish the stamina bar. However, it is not easy to earn Diamonds in the game as you can acquire very little amount of Diamonds by completing the daily quests or using Love Nikki Cheats 2020.

In short, progressing in the game will be very slow until and unless you spend money on making in-game purchases, or start using Love Nikki Hack. It is an amazing program, which will instantly provide infinite amounts of Stamina, Gold, as well as Diamonds. Thus, it will enable you to buy the best dresses and accessories as well as display your fashion skills to other players around the globe.

Mentioned below are some of the features of Love Nikki, which makes it a lot better than other fashion related or dress up games.

Huge Plot

There are lots of gamers who play Love Nikki because of the story and for them the other features of the game are of secondary importance. In this game, you can enjoy a lot more than dress up challenges as it offers a huge plot with nearly 300,000 word dialogues, which is as big as a novel. So, those gamers who love playing a story will never get bored due to its huge story and mini-missions that the game offers.

Different Outfits

The game features over ten thousand different outfits, which are again classified into different genres i.e. Antique, European, Futuristic, Daily Fashion, etc. You can add these designer outfits to your wardrobe by simply completing different quests and in-game tasks each day. In order to keep up with the new and upcoming fashion trends, hundreds of new outfits are added each month so you can easily increase your collection.

Design Mode

Those who have a strong sense of fashion will agree that wearing trending outfits does not comprise fashion. In order to make their characters more presentable they also need to work on other things such as their hairstyle, makeup, accessories, etc. The game features a design mode where you can do all these things with hundreds of customization options at your disposal. Not only this, you can also design new customized outfits by collecting different materials such as outfit patterns, materials, dyes, etc.

Dress Up Battles

This is the most important feature of the game as it highlights dress up battles like never before. You can participate in these battles against designers from various parts of the world and the one with the best fashion sense ends up winning. You can use more than ten different abilities in the dress up battles; and remember that using the right ability at a correct time is a key to win the battle.

Social Networking

The game will let you share your ideas with your Facebook friends or you can also challenge your friends for a friendly dress up duel. Moreover, you can make new friends by joining different fan pages and by completing in-game activities.

To conclude, Love Nikki is an apt game for those who have a good sense of fashion and would like to display their creative ideas to the world. So, show your creativity now!

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