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Mafia City is a brilliant game that will provide you an opportunity to live the life of a gangster while protecting your city and taking care of the women that comes along. In this game, you need to construct buildings, train troops, complete missions, defeat the opponents, defend your city from enemies, and much more.

There is so much to do in the game that you are certainly going to stay busy for several weeks. Before you start playing the game, read the important features of Mafia City that are discussed in this post. These will make your game all the more enjoyable!


There are innumerable kinds of buildings in the game, and each of them has specific roles to perform. You need to spend your in-game currency wisely on buying them otherwise you will end up having a lot of buildings that are of no use for you. Some of the important buildings of Mafia City game have been discussed below:

  • Mansion: Mansion is the most vital building of the game. When you upgrade the Mansion, you will be able to unlock new buildings in the game. Also, you will enhance your level of looting speed by upgrading.
  • Hospital: Your wounded soldiers can be healed in the hospital. However, a limited amount of troops can be treated in the hospital at a time. If you have some more wounded troops then you need to upgrade your hospital.
  • Club: The Club building manages the training of the troops. If you want to enhance the training speed and capacity of your troops then you should upgrade the Club.
  • Diner: There are a fixed number of troops that you can send to attack enemies. If you want to send some more troops to the battlefield, then you will have to upgrade the Diner building. Thus, you will be able to send the maximum number of crew to the battlefield.

Cash And Gold – In-Game Currency Of Mafia City:



Cash and Gold are the two main currencies of Mafia City game. You will need them for buying resources, adding troops, and much more. There are several ways to earn Cash and Gold in the game. Some of them have been mentioned below. A word of caution here is that these methods will let you acquire currency in limited amounts. So, if you want to generate them in good quantities then you should spend actual money or make use of Mafia City Cheats.

  • You might earn small quantities of Cash, Gold, Energy Points, and Boosters by tapping on the citizens that are wandering on the road.
  • Complete the daily tasks provided each day so that you can earn rewards in the form of currencies and boosters.
  • Login to the game’s social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc. to earn fixed amount of currencies.
  • Participate in the classic limited-time events with your troop and earn plenty of rewards.
  • Create your own clan or join with others so that you can get support of the clan members and earn freebies.
  • Complete a level successfully in the game and earn Cash, Gold, Cargo, Arms, XP, and much more.
  • Use Mafia City Cheats for the fastest gain of resources.

Lottery Wheel Pack:

You need to buy the Lottery Wheel Pack in order to acquire a chance to draw a freebie. Only one pack can be purchased in a day. Some of the attractive freebies that you will get are listed below:

  • Mega Resource Weekly Pack: You will get 3,500 Gold, 3,500,000 Cargo, and 3,500,000 Cash. It is available for $4.99.
  • Spring Monthly Pack: Can be purchased for $24.99. You will get 30,000 Gold, 9,000,000 Cargo and 9,000,000 Cash.
  • Monthly Decoration Pack: You can purchase it for $24.99. The rewards that you will get with this pack are 120 Skin Renewal Fragment and 150 Red Wine.
  • Speedy Level Weekly Pack: It can be bought for $9.99. The pack consists of 2,100 Gold and 700,000 Exp.

To summarize, the game will take you to the mafia world where you need to manage your empire, guard it from the enemies, grow your troops skillfully, engage in wars, and much more. The innumerable exciting missions of the game will never let you get bored. One thing is for sure, if you play Mafia City game strategically, you will be able to become the greatest gangster out there. Also have fun by using Mafia City Hack!



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