Mafia City Hack

Mafia City Cheats – Learn How To Get Gold

Mafia City, a multiplatform title, from YottaGames in the genre. This game is highly popular for great features, intense gameplay, and vivid graphics. From creating a gang to building your empire, this game requires focus on so many basic things. When you progress at a great pace, you become the godfather of this game for sure.

Mafia City Hack

Being a pro gamer of Mafia City is the dream of many. Considering the intense fan base, it is easy to say that reaching on max requires lots of patience, effective gaming, and following all the basic tips. So many things which are done by pro-gamer might be hard to crack, but we know some key tips which can take you to the max level.

Apart from the basics, spending real money on virtual currency is required to ease up the progression. A great alternative to rely on is Mafia City Hack where you can follow it along with the below mentioned seven crazy tips.

7 Key Tips for Being Godfather

Being Godfather and having a large empire in this game, below mentioned are seven key tips that you can follow. Let’s get started –

  1. Virtual Currencies – Gold is the primary currency of Mafia City, and you need it to buy a weapon, buildings, and more people to work for you. You can complete small objectives and start playing missions to earn a higher amount of gold. Keep it in mind that you must have a good rate of earning gold than spending it. This will let you gain better control over this game.
  2. Fighting – Attacking skills are surely very important and require attention before anything else. Building an army and having a firm army of powerful people will keep you on the max level. This thing ensures that you can reach a max level without any issue. The PvE encounter on the map is effective in helping you earn a higher amount of currency and being a top-notch gamer.
  3. Earning Gold – Farming gold is the hardest thing because there are so many places where you can end up spending your money. With the help of Mafia City Cheats and robbing for resources will increase your gold farming. This thing will make you rich and building a good empire with ease. Make sure that your farm account must be bound to the Facebook or Google play account.
  4. Spending Wisely – Make sure that you focus on your expenses and do the same job wisely. There are girls to spend your money on, but you can avoid that and focus on weapons. Other important places where you can increase the overall growth is, spending money on power. One of the easy methods is to farm your money by taking the lead in fistfights and winning most of them.
  5. Stats – Increases the battle stats lets you progress at a faster rate in this game, where you can use a couple of methods to increase the overall stats. The battle stats are important for your troops because it decides how good they can fight against the enemy. So, keep on enhancing your overall fight stats to enhance your growth in the game. It will take a couple of tries to enhance the overall growth of stats.
  6. Getting Roses – If you take a pretty keen interest in babe and want to upgrade them, rose to play a vital role. When you play cup game, you increase the favor, and it starts boosting your overall growth with ease. You have to gift something to babe to gain stars, which are helpful in the upgrade. So, keep on gifting something and try going with new things which will get you more stars each time for sure.
  7. Changing City – As you are feeling hard to upgrade and want to change your city, then there are a couple of methods. The basic requirement is, you must be under level 6 and haven’t played the game for more than 72 hours. Now, you can change the city by clicking at newbie teleport. The only disadvantage is, you can’t take more than 500K cash. This will feel a major drawback.

After following these tips, progression is not an issue for most of the gamers. Keep it in mind that you follow all the basic tips to reach on max. There are a couple of things that you can do, but changing clan is also an effective method. That’s why you can rely on it.

Bottom Line

So many people are playing this game without having the idea of how to upgrade babe, earn currency, and boost their overall stats. If you know these basic tips and use Mafia City Hack, becoming the best gamer is an easy method. Start by playing slow and keep on earning currency to get better with time.