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Marvel Contest Of Champions Cheats – Units Generator

If you have been reading Marvel comics and watching Marvel movies then you should start playing Marvel Contest Of Champions game right away. The game consists of various characters of the marvel community and you are certainly going to have an enjoyable time with them. However, read these important aspects of the game before you actually start playing, so that you achieve success quickly.




Gold is the main currency of Marvel Contest Of Champions game as it is required for upgrading your gaming baddie or superhero as well as for buying various resources. To earn Gold in the game, you need to spend a lot of time in completing various story missions and participating in battles. By signing to the game each day, you will be able to earn few amount of Gold as a reward. Moreover, the reward keeps increasing when you login to the game regularly, without taking a break even for a single day. To earn Gold in unlimited quantities, you need to spend your hard-earned money for buying it or make use of tools such as the Marvel Contest Of Champions hack. Hacking tools will let you acquire loads of currency instantly.

Similar to Gold, ISO 8 Tokens are required for updating your gaming characters. To perform a character upgrade, you will require certain amount of Gold + ISO 8 Tokens. You can earn ISO 8 Tokens by playing various game modes. After every four hours, you will be awarded with a Crystal, which holds consumables such as Health Potions, ISO 8 Tokens, and much more. So, do not forget to claim your free Crystal after every four hours of gaming.


The special currency of the game is called ‘Units’. You will require loads of Units for purchasing various heroes as well as Hero Crystals. To earn Units as rewards, you need to complete tricky quests and reach new levels. Most of the time, players spend real cash to purchase Units in good quantities. If it is a feasible option for you, then you can too consider using real money. If not, then it is recommended to use Marvel Contest Of Champions cheats, which will enable you to acquire plenty of Units within seconds.

Energy And Health:

Both Energy and Health are two vital components of the game that will help you to grow quickly. You will require Energy for completing various story missions. There are two ways to acquire Energy. You can either wait patiently till it gets regenerated by itself or spend Energy Tokens to refill it immediately.

Similarly, Health of your gaming characters is of utmost importance. If your hero gets injured in the battlefield, then you need to wait until his wounds are healed. Another option to heal them quickly is by making use of Health Potions. However, with every Health Potion, you will be able to heal your gaming character to a certain limit only.

Various Kinds Of Crystals:

You can earn Purple Crystals by completing various quests. Hero Crystals can only be bought with Units, which enables you to acquire a 2-star or higher ranked hero. By playing the game for every four hours, you will get crystals that will provide various consumables. After playing the game for every 24 hours, you will procure a Crystal that will grant you with a 2-star or higher ranked hero. When you participate in Quick Matches, you can earn Versus Crystals, which can be converted into Battle Chips or Gold Chips. Further, these Chips can be converted into Arena Crystals, which will grant you a 4-star ranked hero. Event Crystals and Daily Crystals can be used for acquiring Heroes such as Colossus, Black Panther, etc.

To conclude, Marvel Contest Of Champions is an interesting game where you need to build a powerful team that consists of heroes and villains, which will destroy the rest of the teams. To reach new levels of the game, you will need plenty of resources and in-game currencies. Instead of grinding in the game forever, gaming experts suggest to make use of Marvel Contest Of Champions hack so that you can quickly generate infinite currencies. The Marvel Contest Of Champions cheats are safe to use as the tool is completely free of viruses or bugs. So, use it and have a wonderful time while playing with your Marvel community.




  1. Marvel contest of champions is a really good game but we need to pay too much for have a little bit of ressource. I want have my first 6 stars heros but i am far of thes

  2. Its very addictive game i want to unlock all champs because i love them so much. i want a 6 star champion and awesome masteries. I want to show my friends how far i can get. I want to complete the avengers and guardians. Thank you i hope this will work everyday godspeed

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