Marvel Strike Force Cheats

Marvel Strike Force Cheats – Power Cores and Gold Hack

Marvel Strike Force Cheats

Marvel Strike Force is an amazing game where you can form a team of your favorite super heroes and super villains in order to save the world. The assault on Earth has begun and you have to defend it in this awesome strategy based role-playing game. If you are a fan of superhero flicks and always wanted to play an action packed superhero game then Marvel Strike Force is a must try game for you! However, before you start playing the game, read the below mentioned vital aspects so that you can gain knowledge on Gold, Power Cores, and much more.




Marvel Strike Force Currencies:


Gold is the primary game currency, which can be used for buying recurring supplies and for upgrading your heroes. It can also be used to craft special gears for your superheroes or to train them. You can earn Gold by completing different quests and can acquire few amounts in the form of daily rewards. Even though earning Gold is easy, but accumulating it in huge amounts is a daunting process. However, by using Marvel Strike Force Hack, you don’t have to waste your valuable time in collecting Gold as you can generate unlimited Gold within a few seconds.

Power Cores:

It is the secondary game currency, which can be used to purchase premium items such as Arena Charges, Energy Refills, Health Packs, etc. You can earn small amount of Power Cores by leveling up or completing different achievements, but they are not adequate for purchasing multiple items. If you want to procure multiple premium items in the game, then you need to buy Power Cores from the gaming store by using cash or make use of Marvel Strike Force Hack. The hacking tool is extremely safe to use and will help you to generate required amounts of Power Cores as and when you need them in the game.

Highlights Of Marvel Strike Force Game That Makes It Unique And Engrossing:

Huge Roster:

The game features a huge roster of marvel characters for the players to select and add in their team. You can choose iconic marvel heroes such as Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, etc. or choose super villains such as Loki, Thanos, Kingpin, Venom, and more. Apart from recruiting these super heroes and super villains, you can also focus on developing the skill set of your characters in order to make them stronger.

Graphics And Gameplay:

The game has amazing graphics where all the featured characters look real-like and the visuals are absolutely stunning. The gameplay is very simple as it does not involve a difficult control mechanism, so you can manage the action in the game by swiping and sliding on the mobile devices.


A good game is incomplete without an interesting story. The Marvel Strike Force game has a brilliant story, which will keep you hooked to your screens for hours. The saga is so diverse that you will stay involved for a long period of time. Apart from that, the story also introduces new playable characters every now and then.

PVP Battles:

The game features a PVP battle mode where you can form a team of five characters and battle with your friends or system generated random opponents. The playable characters are divided into groups such as Blaster, Brawler, Controller, Protector, Support, etc. So, it is advisable to assemble a balanced team in order to get an edge over other players.

Overall, Marvel Strike Force is one of the finest games that can be enjoyed on pocket devices. Even if you are not a Marvel fan, you would still love its story and battle modes, so give it a shot!





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