Merge Dragons Hack

Merge Dragons Cheats – Quick Guide How To Get Gems

Merge Dragon, a well-known mobile title from Gram Games Limited is quite a popular title in puzzle genre known for effective tactic gameplay. Over ten million of installs and so many positive reviews, this game gained a huge demand. With intense number of gamers, Merge Dragons is quite a popular choice to lay your hand on.

The basic concept is, you play the role of anonymous hero who goes from one stage to another. It keeps on going and getting hard, intense and real fun. Being the top gamer become hard due to various reasons, where gem is the major reason that you can’t get to the top stage. To eradicate this issue, you can prefer Merge Dragons hack and follow the below mentioned tips.

All these tips are just going to enhance your overall experience and give you proper strategy to move toward winning. It is sure that being the best gamer is hard until you know the basic strategy so there are some needless to mention tips also.

  1. Skipping Tutorial – Don’t

Most of the gamers skip tutorial thinking that this game is very similar to other mobile title like as Candy Crush or Gardenscapes. Well, skipping tutorial can set you in various issues. The major reason behind this issue is, tutorial part cover how to merge, how to swipe between tiles and few additional tweaks. Keeping it in mind, you can learn the color strategy for tiles which work in all manners that’s why it is a reliable option to go after.

  1. Create new buildings

When you play the game then you will get a chance to combine different objects. Well, there are many buildings that you can also combine with ease. Before going to combine the buildings, you should take some crucial tips into consideration. Never combine the buildings at random because it may also fall you into a troublesome situation. Try to combine various building smartly in order to get the best outcomes that will also make improvements in the game.

  1. Try to expand your camp

Most of the players want to expand the camp which is not as easy as they think. in this situation, they should focus on some imperative tips provided by experts.  to expand your camp, you  should try to gather enough dragon power. You should also spend the money to buy dragon eggs and to hatch them. You also have an option to double the output but it will be achieved only after combining at least 5 eggs. This is an important tip that every beginner should follow to improve his performance in the game.

  1. Combo chains

To make your performance better in the game, you should try out some crucial tips and tricks. it is important for beginners to create some combo chains while playing the game. Most of the players don’t know about this aspect but it has a great importance in the game. When you get success in creating the combo chains then it can help you to get more points in the game.

  1. Matching 5 is effective

If you are merging and thinking to merge three tiles then hold on and think again. You can easily find two more tiles to add in the same. Merging five tiles can offer you more benefits which can easily provide plenty of advantages. Along with these tips, you can rely on the use of Merge Dragons cheats to obtain more amount of currency and increasing the chances of winning.

  1. Create combos

When you create different combos in the game with the out-of-bounds objects then it helps to optimize your moves and get some other benefits. You can also create combos with the objects present in the dead zones. in this way, you will not only create combos but also cleanse the earth. After following these five tips, reaching on the max level is an effective choice.

Important Note – When you are performing combos, you should learn the effective method or create a strategy. Sightseeing is an effective alternative which can save you time on other things. Along with this factor, you should learn that when to spend currency and when to skip. Spending your virtual currencies wisely will lead you to the betterment. This will help you reach on top of this game.

The Final Verdict

For most of the gamers, being on top of the game is primary goal but, in this game, you are tackling with puzzles mainly. So, the greater number of levels you complete, it will be considered as the major achievement. In order to complete maximum number of levels and without spending a single penny at in-game purchases then consider Merge Dragons hack as better alternative. It helps you save money as well as reaching the top without much struggle.