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Gameloft has just come off with its new game modern combat 5 in the play store and the Apple app store. It is the sixth edition of the modern combat series and the first game developed by the Gameloft. The game is so enticing that once you download this game, you won’t be able to resist yourself from playing it. Also, you will find yourself delved into the gameplay of Modern Combat 5 Blackout, killing the foreign people all around the world online in the game.

To help you with the complex mechanics of the game, here in this guide we have put together a good pile of tips, features, and Modern Combat 5 cheats. Our guide will cover everything from the missions to unlocking new stuff in modern combat 5. So, if you want to get yourself more acquainted with the game’s elements, then stay tuned till we cover the entire things.

Putting a full stop to you wait here, let’s get started with the controls first.


The game initially comes with automatically set up of controls, but tweaking the layout a little bit as comfortable to your hands will provide you marvelous experience while playing.  Your accuracy, speed, and survival will get a whole lot easier with change. The best part is that it depends on you that whether you want to play three-finger claw or four-finger claw or even more. Using the close will allow you to perform different actions while killing people like move, aim, and fire at the same time. The claws will increase your perfection in the game and will allow you to complete the missions faster. The controls of the game also include the crossing option so that you can crouch behind a knee object and still aim. The object will work as a bulletproof jacket. You can change the control setup from the settings of the game.


If you have tried the previous version of the modern combat series, then you might notice one thing different in this particular series of modern combat. The difference is that the campaign missions are very much shorter in the blackout version as compared to the previous ones. If I talk about the average time that it takes hardly around 5 to 10 minutes, where are the missions like Zero Hour ends in 15 to 20 minutes?

Here in modern combat five blackout, you will also find allies with you in the mission, the characters that accompany you in the game, and assist you whenever you take any fight.
In the zero hour mission, mainly, you can not only shoot but also can drive vehicles like boat bikes and what more drones as well.

Leveling up yourself in the game

The experience points matter the most in the game if you want to level up yourself. The XP will not only increase your level but also will help you to unlock many new classes, weapons customization options, various attachments for your guns and grenades. Finishing the missions and completing the objectives with three stars rewards you with XP. However, you can also complete old missions to get a few more experience points.

However, experience points cannot be earned with Modern Combat 5 cheats, but you can go ahead with your skills and kill the game. Apart from completing the missions for each kill in the game, you will get experience points. However, if you wish to get bonus points as well, then you will require killing the people with headshots, explosion, and much more.

Keeping the experience points aside, you also get medals like a fast shooter, executioner, etc.
Now, as your experience points will increase, the experience meter of each weapon will get filled up at their distinct speed. So, when the experience meter gets field, you can unlock a new attachment for your gun.


Each class has its own set of different skills. It means that skills are specific to classes. You can unlock this kills by using SP in the game. SP is among this essential in-game currency of Modern Combat 5 Blackout. To earn SP, you require getting promoted or finishing a set of vision appearing on the map. Apart from that, you can also complete some events to get more SP. However, if you want an easy-peasy approach or don’t want to make any efforts, then you should try using the Modern Combat 5 hack to get unlimited SP instantly.

That’s all for the tips tricks and modern combat five cheats that you can use to improve your gameplay. So are you ready to hop from country to country and kill the people? Well, I’m sure you are. So, get yourself packed up with a whole lot of excitement and boom up in the game.

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