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Welcome to the world of amazing monsters! In Monster Legends game, you will come across innumerable types of monsters that belong to varied elements. Breeding and growing these monsters will not be an easy task and this feature makes the game an engrossing one, unless you use Monster Legends Cheats! So, get ready to spend some good time with your bunch of monsters!

Listed below are some vital aspects that you should know before you start playing Monster Legends game:

How Is Food Acquired?

Your monsters will require plenty of food to grow. Moreover, your success in the game will highly depend on this aspect. At certain levels, you will even require food to upgrade buildings and habitats of monsters. Some of the ways to procure food in the game are by completing daily tasks and earning bonuses, stealing food from opponents during PvP battles, defeating other monsters, etc. Some gamers spend their in-game currency for buying food from the game store.



However, the best way to acquire plenty of food for your monsters is by producing them in the farms. You should spend some time in growing your own crops in the game. To purchase a farm, you need to buy it from the Building section in the in-game shop. Farms are available in various sizes and prices, so depending on your preferences, you can buy them.

Gold And Gems:

You cannot survive in the Monster Legends game without earning loads of Gold and Gems. Both these currencies are required for purchasing resources, speeding up several processes, and much more. Some of the ways to earn Gems and Gold in limited quantities is by earning them as reward for completing a level successfully, finishing the daily tasks each day, subscribing for social media accounts and earning one-time reward, and much more. You are sure to fall short of Gems and Gold in the game! This is the reason most of the gamers get tempted to spend real-life money on buying both currencies from game shop. However, a better decision is to generate unlimited currencies by using tools like Monster Legends cheats.

Keeping Your Island Clean:

It is vital to keep your island clean by making your workers clear bushes, trees, rocks, and everything else that isn’t of any use to you. This will provide you with extra space to construct habitats, temples, farms, and other important buildings in the game. Moreover, by clearing the island, you will earn XP, which will help in completing the levels quickly.

Breeding Of Monsters:

Breeding monsters is the most interesting part of the game as you can breed various elements of them to acquire rare uncommon monsters. There isn’t any other easy way to acquire Epic and Legendary monsters. By breeding monsters of varied elements, you will be able to create a unique and rare monster. For instance, by breeding Rabidex and Tartarus you will get Thorder. Similarly, when you breed Genie and Beefcake, you get Darknubis. When you breed Light Sphinx and Pyrook, you can either get Duchess or Terracrank.

Habitats And Temples:

You will require certain habitats for specific monsters. For instance, if you have a fire element monster then you need to store it only in fire habitat. However, if you have a hybrid monster then you can store it in any of the element’s habitat. So, you need to build habitats depending on the monsters that you have acquired. Usually, in one habitat you can store two monsters and little Gold, which the monster has generated for you. If you want to add some more monsters in the same habitat then you need to upgrade it.

Similarly, Temples play an important role in the game. In the first ten levels of the game, you can make your monsters grow with food and XP. However, in the later levels, you need to purchase Temples of specific elements for your monsters to level up. For instance; you have to buy Fire Temples if you own fire monsters. If you have a hybrid monster, then you will require Temples of both elements to level them up. Temples can be purchased by spending in-game currency, so you need to be very careful while buying or upgrading them otherwise you may end up running out of currencies.

To summarize, Monster Legends is a cute and fun game that can be enjoyed by varied age groups. So, have fun while playing it and if you are in dire need of Gold and Gems then do not hesitate to use Monster Legends cheats.

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