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Monster Legends Cheats – Gems and Gold Generator 2020

For enjoying the role-playing concept with action content, the game lovers can choose Monster Legends. In order to get success, you are required to take help from different types of gameplay styles and strategies. With it, everyone needs to be focused on some game essentials such as – funds. The use of Monster Legends hack can help you in reducing stress regarding the currency.

The most important thing is related to the creature. For winning the battles, the players need to choose the best and most powerful creature. If you want to get a different kind of creature, then you should go for a combination.

All these things can be possible by choosing the perfect way of playing. It can become possible by focusing on different types of tips. Generally, the tips are providing guidelines to the players by which they can get a successive way.

Tips to play

  • Be focused on elements

When it comes to the creature selection, then you should not avoid the elements. Mainly the elements are differentiating the creatures and their powers. If you are not paying attention to elements, then you are avoiding the power or strength related factors. There are total eight elements available.

Each and every element has a strong & weaker one. You are required to be focused on these factors while choosing a creature. Following details can help you in understanding element system.

  • Water-based creatures are performing well in front of fire ones rather than thunder based.
  • For the fire element, nature can be a weak opponent, but water does not.
  • Nature creatures are strong in front of magic, but when they are facing fire ones, then they may lack.
  • Magic based elements can easily defeat the light ones, but in front of nature, they may get defeated.
  • Playing with the light element can help you in taking dark down. In the case of magic, light may become weaker.
  • For the dark creature earth, ones are not a big challenge but defeating light ones can be a challenging task.
  • Earth creatures can tackle the thunder one easily and get tackled by the dark ones.
  • Defeating water-based creature can be an easy task for thunder, but in the case of earth one, it does not.

If you are avoiding such information, then you may face only issues or may be defeated easily in the battle.

  • Try to breed

For winning the battles regularly, the players need to take help from different types of creatures. It can be possible by unlocking the specific ones. There are several ways available to get specific creatures. Everyone you do not need to visit the store and buy creatures.

Breeding is also a good option or feature. For such a task, the players need to combine the elements related to two different types of creatures. Here, the players should try to consider the creatures from two different elements.

  • Be familiar with monsters

In case you want to win all battles then you should have complete knowledge related to the monsters. It can help you in making lots of factors easier. Here, you are able to know which kind of skills your monster has and when you can consider its way.

Getting familiar with monsters can help you in performing well in the battles. You can easily follow the Monster Legends cheats and defeat the opponents.

  • Focus on feeding

Every player should be focused on the feeding process. It can help the players in regaining the monster’s energy and upgrading them. For such a task, you need to choose the way of food. The way of getting food is the crops.

The way of growing crops is completely based on the availability of farms. For growing more crops and getting higher outputs, you should try to upgrade the farms.


The most important thing on which everyone needs to be focused on related to the currency. You should be wise and be more careful when it comes to spend essentials. Earning funds cannot be an easy task, and due to it, the players should try to save funds more. With these basic tips, anyone can get success and build a good kingdom with powerful creatures.

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  1. So I like having gems. Problem is, I have no money irl, and getting gems can be pretty tough. I haven’t gotten this thing used yet, but if it works, I can sing very high praise of it!

  2. This game is fun and really time seeking i have got really good at it and just need diamonds right now i have gotten really good at monsyer legends

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