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Mortal Kombat has been one of the best PVP battle games since the 90s and with every new release it has always been able to keep up with the rising expectations of its fans. The Mortal Kombat X game displays stunning graphics and best fatalities move to gaming platforms so that more and more fans can enjoy it. The most interesting aspect is that it can be downloaded for free, but it features certain in app purchases. In order to assemble a roster of the finest Mortal Kombat X characters and enhance your gaming experience, you need to understand the game currencies that are involved in Mortal Kombat X.




They are the primary game currency, which can be used to purchase card packs that consist of a collection of Support Cards and Player Cards. Player Cards features playable characters that can be used in the battle. Support Cards are performance boosters that can be used to get an added advantage during battles. Earning Koins is easy as you can easily earn them by playing different matches or by completing quests.


Souls are more powerful than Koins as it will let you purchase special card packs. These packs will enable you to unlock powerful playable characters and special gear. Earning Souls is very difficult as it can be acquired only by winning in faction wars or by completing certain achievements.

Now that you know about the gaming currencies in Mortal Kombat X, your primary focus should be to gather them so that you are able to assemble a strong roster of epic characters. Below mentioned are some general tips that will assist you in earning these currencies.

Daily Rewards

The game has a daily reward system where loyal players receive different rewards each day by simply logging into the game. Also, the daily rewards get better with each successive day so you should ensure that you log into the game at least once in a day to claim your reward.

Alliance Point

They are special tokens that are awarded when you lend your playable character to your friends. These points can be used to unlock Alliance Card Pack, which consists of innumerable Koins and playable characters.

Daily Tasks

Each day a set of tasks are given, which can be completed to earn rewards in the form of Koins. These tasks are of extremely simple nature as you have to win certain set of matches or perform a finishing move. Completing the daily tasks is a great way of earning some extra Koins and if you successfully complete all of them then you will even be able to unlock additional rewards.

Finishing the aforesaid tasks will surely help in assembling a great team, but it will also require a good amount of time. The other options available for players are to spend money for unlocking special characters or to make use of Mortal Kombat X Hack. By using it, you can save a good amount of time and energy as it will let you generate infinite amounts of both currencies.

Mortal Kombat X is one of the best battle games available online and shared below are some of the reasons behind its popularity.

Huge Roster

Mortal Kombat universe is very huge as the story is well spun around lots of different characters. The game features over 130 characters that can be collected throughout the gameplay. Some of the characters featured in the game include iconic characters such as; Liu Kang, Sub Zero, Scorpion, Raiden, etc. Some characters such as; Kratos, Jason from Friday The 13th movie series, Freddy Kruger, etc., which do not belong to the Mortal Kombat universe are also featured in the game and are highly popular among fans.

Brutal Kombat

Mortal Kombat X features extremely brutal combat system where you have to assemble a team of three players in order to battle against other players or AI. You can choose any three players of your choice and lead them into the battlefield. Moreover, you can also form iconic synergies such as; Team Ronin, Team Day of the Dead, Team Nightmare, and so on. The game also has different fatality moves, which are unique for each player and these moves have always been forte of Mortal Kombat games.


In order to keep the gamers entertained, the developers have also introduced a great story wherein you will begin your journey in the outworld and progress all the way to the NetherRealm. During this journey, you will encounter multiple challenges and to succeed in them you need to stand face-to-face with the best Mortal Kombat characters.

Challenge Mode

This game mode offers numerous challenges, which are of increasingly difficult nature. You can complete these challenges in order to unlock new playable characters and other rewards. The game developers keep adding new challenges each week, so that players don’t have to play the same challenges all over again.

All these features surely make Mortal Kombat X an interesting game. Also, if you are using Mortal Kombat X Cheats then whatever you need to progress in the game is a minute away.

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