MovieStarPlanet Cheats

MovieStarPlanet Cheats

MovieStarPlanet Cheats – Get Diamonds and Star Coins

MovieStarPlanet is an entertaining game where you can create a movie star of your own and make it famous. The game brings endless possibilities to the players, which could make or break the career of their movie star. You can create your movie star by choosing from lots of different customization options that are available.

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Once your super star is ready, then they can start making movies, artbooks, etc. and share their creativity with the world.  As the decisions made by players have long term effect; so it is advisable to make all decisions wisely. If you are excited to play MovieStarPlanet game then it is advisable to read the below shared important aspects as it will help in climbing the leaderboard.

Currencies In MovieStarPlanet Game:


They are the primary game currencies, which can be used to purchase lots of important things such as clothes, animations, pets, etc. In order to become famous, you need to post new pictures, movies, and visual content of your star on daily basis, which would require lots of StarCoins. StarCoins can be earned by making new movies, winning competitions, or can be received in the form of daily login bonus.

Even though, earning enough StarCoins with this method is possible; but it is an extremely time-consuming and boring task. So, in order to overcome that, you can use MovieStarPlanet Hack. By using this tool, you can easily get unlimited amounts of StarCoins, which will help you in making your movie star a ‘Superstar’.


They are the premium game currency, which can be used to make your movie star famous. You can spend Diamonds in order to purchase fame booster, which multiplies the fame points; thereby making the gamers famous among other players. As it is a premium currency, you cannot earn it in the game; but can purchase it with real money. Alternatively, MovieStarPlanet Cheats will help you in acquiring good amount of Diamonds instantly. So, with MovieStarPlanet cheats, you can have easy access to StarCoins and Diamonds, whenever you want.

Important Features Of MovieStarPlanet Game:




The game will give you an option to choose from three different careers, which are Movie Star, Socialite, and Fashion Guru. You need to choose your career carefully as each career will make you famous; but only if you have adequate skills for it. For instance; if you have plenty of creative knowledge and understanding then you should opt for a Movie Star as they have to keep updating new creative content. Those who love to make new friends can choose to be a socialite, and if you love fashion more than anything else then you can become Fashion Guru.

Design Studio:

It is a place where you can explore your creative skills. You can mix and match different dresses in order to make an amazing outfit for your new movie. You can edit your existing outfits by changing the shape, size, and color of your outfit; thereby giving it a whole new look.

Impressive, isn’t it? Just download MovieStarPlanet game now and enter into the world where ordinary people turn into heroes!


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  1. i love this game very much, it was amazing and friendly i love it ! it is very entertaining when you are boreddd !!

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