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My Home Hack – Best Tool For Unlimited Credits

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If you are also from the ones who love to decorate the Home, then the game needed to be tried for once. My Home is an amazing match-3 puzzle game where you can build the Home of your dreams. The game has a marvelous storyline where you have signed a new place, and you need to redesign the complete the place for yourself. To do that you will require solving the puzzles to progress in the game. Purchase the new accessories and infrastructure for your new home decoration for which you will require to collect enough credits in the game. If you are not good at maintaining the things, then you don’t need to fret because you always got the back of My Home cheats to get a generous amount of funds in the game.

Below some essential elements of the game are reiterated to help you know the game in a better way. So, without spending any further moment here, let’s move on to the central attractions of the game.

Special pieces in the puzzles

There are some unique pieces in the game that you can build on your while solving the puzzle levels. You can consider these particular elements as the power-ups as these are the keys to beat all the levels faster and that too effectively.

Matching more than three tiles together will make one power-up. Therefore, to give you a better idea, some of the guidelines to create these unique elements are given below:

–    Match four tiles together to create a drill which will match all the tiles that are there in the row and the column.

–    To create a bomb, match the tiles in a T or an L shape. Bombs will explode all the tiles that are present close to it.

–    Now comes the third special power-up that are the missiles, which can be created by matching the tiles in a square shape. The missiles come handy when you get stuck in some sound levels in the game.

These are the three power-ups that you can make throughout the levels.

Tips and tricks

Being a novice in the game may require some tips to clear out the levels more efficiently. Therefore, her some tips are mentioned below to help you out throughout the gameplay. The only thing you need to do is focus on these guidelines:

–    Keep in mind while spending on your moves

If you complete the levels and there are still some lives left on the level, then you will be rewarded with some exclusive stuff randomly. Therefore, it is better to conserve the moves and get on to that board list to get these individual pieces as rewards.

–    Understand the tactics

Once you enter a level, don’t jump on straight to the move you see, instead take some time to observe the placement of all the tiles.

The arrangement of the tiles is placed there with some distinct purposes; the only requiring thing is to grab that opportunity and utilize the tiles positioning in your favor. It will help you to find out some of the special moves with which you can make boosters.

–    Daily check-in

Regardless of the aspect that you are playing the game or not, don’t ever skip logging in the game for seven days. It because through the daily login, you will get several gifts that you can collect to use further in the game.

–    Coins and the credits

To have access to the credits, try to conserve the moves as much as you can, it will earn you some extra coins throughout the level. However, for a more straightforward approach, you can use the My Home hack and enjoy the unlimited coins to spend on the furniture of your house.

It’s time to allow yourself to become the ultimate interior designer for your own Home and show your inner creativity through the interiors of your virtual Home.


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