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Well, another season of the NBA is about to come, and the people are already excited about it. Not more than two months, the 2020 edition of the NBA game will be kicked off, providing give a whole new experience of playing the national basketball League. My NBA 2K20 is a perfect game for the lovers of basketball. This particular video game will be there on the gaming platform soon with the efforts of 2K sports and Cat Daddy. Here in this game; you can collect the cards of the players you love from NBA season 2019-20. After that, you can compete with real players all across the globe and have card battles with them.


Well talking about the game, then I will honestly say that it is a casual game that doesn’t include high-end consoles, but it doesn’t mean that the mechanics are easy to ace. There are so many e different modes and mechanics in the game to understand. Moreover, My NBA 2K20 is packed with a whole bunch of features that you will have to get on your tips to become the best at the creation of the best lineup possible. However, you can dominate the game watch more easily with the use of My NBA 2K20 cheats as it unlocks various exclusive pieces of stuff and features for you instantly. Hence, My NBA 2K20 cheats can be a good alternative for you to gain faster progress in the game.

Let’s dive into the various elements of the game without wasting furthermore time.


The best way to start with any game is to get familiar with its basics first, especially the controls. So here, we will tell you about the main elements you will find in the game in no time.

Game modes

The game features a total of 5 game modes that players can enjoy. The five-game modes you get in the game to play are:

  • Training game
  • Freestyle game
  • Scrimmage
  • Practice plays
  • Controls and tips

So let’s discuss these modes one by one.

  1. Training game

As the name suggests, it’s more of a like tutorial game perfect for the beginners. It offers several tutorials like passing shooting dribbling etc.  that give the beginners an opportunity to learn the basics of the game without any competition.

  1. Freestyle

Here you can practice the particle moves that you have already honed. Not only this, but here you can also learn the best shoots of the different players.

  1. Scrimmage

Moving onto the next mode, then it is the first mode of the game that allows you to compete against your opponents in the traditional format of 5 versus 5. If you lose here, then don’t worry because the mode is to practice your offensive and defensive moves all together against the other team.

  1. Practice plays

Here you can see e and reset your moves in advance. Not only is this, but you can also watch the CPU playing the moves for you.

  1. Controls and tips

Last but not least, here you get to learn all the controls of the game along with some useful tips.


VC is an in-game currency featured by the game. The particular currency is required to collect to upgrade your character skills and attributes. Not only is this, but you can also purchase my team mode packs with this currency more new players and cards as well. Now, if you are thinking of this currency, then let me tell you that it can be earned playing the hall of fame difficulty level. The more you will play it, the more currency that is VC you get. Apart from that, you can also purchase the VC by spending real-life money in the game. However, it might not be possible for everyone to buy the currency spending real money for them; there’s an alternative to get your hands on an unlimited amount of VC. The trick is to use My NBA 2K20 hack. Yes, it can provide you a generous amount of VC to play; thereby, you won’t have to worry about its collection.

Now that we have already discussed the currencies of the game and the modes it has let’s have a look at the difficult choices it provides you to choose from.

Difficulty levels

In the game, there are five difficulty choices that you get to choose from. These are Rookie, Pro, All-Star, Superstar, and the Hall of fame. Among all of these, the hall of fame is the most challenging level that on you VCs in the game.

So if you are a beginner, then you can choose the rookie-level and after that, can move on to gradually higher levels. Thereby you will not face any difficulty in learning the basics as well as you will become a pro player soon by increasing the difficulty levels. That’s all for our guide for the game, my NBA 2k20. I hope you like the information provided by us.

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