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Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage Cheats - Best Way To Get Shinobite

Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage is a role-playing game based on a famous anime-based series, Naruto.  Here, you will require building a team having four ninjas in it. Along with your team, you will be fighting many missions in the game. Knocking down the enemies will increase your progress in the game.

It is not only an RPG game but also an action game, which makes it even more exciting. Also, the game has been engrossed with way more straightforward controls so that the players can easily understand them.

You can collect various new characters as well in the game that you can unlock by gathering the funds in the game, or by using the Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage hack. Utilizing the hack allows you to get access to a considerable amount of resources and funds in the game, which makes them one of the most adopted methods by the users.

Below I have mentioned some crucial segments of the game for you to have a look at.


Two primary resources are there in the game, which requires proper management by the players. These two funds are chakra and gold.

  • Gold: Talking about gold then it is necessary for upgrading the buildings and the characters in the game which means that it makes it even more critical for the players to collect a good amount of gold in the game.

Moreover, upgrading the fortresses in the game is not possible without having access to the gold as well.

  • Chakra: Chakra is one among the vital currencies of the game which gets replenished every hour and is utilized to upgrade another two conventional currencies of the game that are the shinobites and Ryo. Furthermore, it can also be used to upgrades your ninja cards that are essential to upgrade the ninja characters in the game. Using the Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage cheats will also provide you with a liberal amount of chakras in game.

Drops given in the missions, claiming it, the accomplishment of specific achievements and goals in the game will reward you the chakras in the game.

The two more currencies that I mentioned in the above paragraph are the standard funds in the game. Let’s discuss them briefly here so that we grab information about each segment of the game somewhat.

  • Ryo: The currency is required to upgrade your base level to the next level and also to buy sets of the terrains.
  • Shinobites: The shinobites are the premium currency of the game, which is very hard to acquire in the game. These are used to refill the stamina of characters in the game. You can either use real-life currency to purchase them or can use the Naruto X Boruto Hack Ninja Voltage cheats to grab onto an ample amount of shinobites in the game.

Hero fragments

Getting new shinobis in the game is quite tricky in the game. It requires hero fragments which will wake them up and also will raise the stats of the shinobis. For those reasons, they are also known as the awakening medals.

Now you may be wondering what does awakening the shinobis means here. Well, the answer to this is that awakening the shinobis with the hero fragments will not only unlock various abilities in them but also make them way stronger to thrive longer in the battle. Therefore, we can consider it as praiseworthy speculation here.


It is the VIP system of the game which depends on how often you log in to the game. The players are rewarded with two fame points per day on checking in.

These were some of the essential elements of the game where the newbies find themselves stuck the most. Now that you have grabbed a considerable amount of knowledge about them all, you can fairly ace the game up using your skills and our information.