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Plants VS Zombies 2 Cheats

Plants VS Zombies 2 Cheats – An Ultimate Fight With Zombies

Plant’s VS zombies2 is a fantastic defense game developed by the pop cap games and published by the electronic arts on 9 July 2013. The game is the sequel of the plants VS games that was loved by the audience a lot. It can be played on PC’s, iOS and Android platforms. In the game, you have an army of different types of plants that attacks the zombies to prevent them from entering the house. It is not the only plot you can unlock various modes once you complete a few of the challenges. There’s a never-ending the war between your plants and zombies and more and more zombies.

Plants Vs Zombies 2 Hack

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Talking about the currencies then there is a total of 2 types of currencies that are

  • The silver coin which is equal to 10$ and
  • The gold coin that are worth 100$


Earning currencies in the plant VS zombies were much more comfortable than collecting coins in this sequel. Therefore, for collecting an unlimited number of coins, one can also use appropriate Plants Vs Zombies 2 Hack to unlock numerous features.

  1. Coins

Coins are beneficial in this game, as the coins can be used for purchasing various power-ups, upgrading the plants and the costumes that cost a lot. You don’t get more than 50 coins on completing a level. Moreover, there is only one plant that generates the coins, and that is the marigold which costs you around 500. Also, you’ll need to plant a golden magnet so that you never miss to collect these coins. That’s why I said previously that earning coins in the game is very difficult and it is better to use Plants Vs Zombies 2 Cheats that can provide you an endless number of coins.

There’s another currency called gems that are used to purchase certain premium plants and power up.

  1. Mint currency

Apart from the two of them, a new currency called Mint currency has been launched in the game. With the mint currency, one can purchase a new plant on the block named power mint which can’t be purchased with any other currency. Now, a question arises that what is the need to buy this plant, then let me tell you that this is a plant that boosts up the other plants of its family tremendously.

Mint currency can be earned by getting the leading ranks in the league’s battle or by completing the daily quests in the game to win the mints as a reward.

The currencies can also be earned by paying real money, killing zombies, completing the adventure modes and much more.



A lot new feature has been added to this sequel of the game to make it more interesting. So, there’s a lot more to explore in the plants VS zombies 2. So, what are we waiting for, let jump on to its features?

  • Discover hundreds of new plants and zombies

Here in this part, you can collect your favorite fighter plants like the sunflower and the military pea shooter and much more including creative hotshots and laser Beams which you can use to shot down the zombies.

  • Grow powerful plants

In this series, one can earn seed packets as you pass the levels. What these seed packets do is to fuel up your plants to make them more powerful. The plants can use more powerful attacks such as Double down defenses; speed up their planting time to ensure to remove the zombies from the lawn.

  • Compete against the other players

In the game, you can also play with other players in a battle. You can select the plants that you think are powerful and will help you to conquer the fight against your opponent. Winning the battle will earn you many surprising rewards.

  • Crazy worlds

There are in total of 11 worlds which will drive you crazy. You can explore various worlds’ right from ancient Egypt to the future fight and much more beyond that. This doesn’t end here; there are more than 300 levels, which will nerve down to your spirits. There are various party events, and mini-games that you can explore with the help of coins, and for that, you can use the Plants VS Zombies 2 cheats.


Now that you know all the important facts about the game, then be ready to explore the game and protect the lawn from zombies.

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