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PUBG Mobile Cheats – Unlimited Battle Points in 5 mins

If you have ever played the PUBG game on Xbox or other platforms then you will be happy to know that its mobile version is out! The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile or PUBG Mobile can be enjoyed on IOS and Android platforms and we also have a working PUBG Mobile Cheats for it!

Your main motive in the game is to survive for longest period of time. The best way to save your gaming character from getting killed is by staying in isolation. You should let other players kill each other while you concentrate on acquiring various important stuffs for progressing in the game.

You can go to several buildings and loot innumerable amount of armor, health boosters, and weapons. Right outside the building, you will find several vehicles. Some of the vehicles will be dirty and broken while others will be clean and shinning. Among the two, you should select the clean ones as they will work well. So, pick the right vehicle and get ready for some real fun!

Battle Points:


Battle Points are the premium in-game currency that can be used for purchasing PUBG Crates. The Crates may include items such as boots, pants, shirts, caps, sunglasses, etc. for your gaming character. Battle Points can also be used for unlocking loot boxes. You can even purchase Battle Points by spending real money. However, if you do not intend to use your hard-earned cash then you can use PUBG Mobile Cheats  to generate unlimited Battle Points within a few seconds.




If you have already played the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game’s console version then playing the mobile version will not be tough. The controls are almost similar as you will have same buttons to press. To enable auto-run you need to hold up on the virtual joystick at the time of running. With the controls, you can toggle your weapon whenever needed by selecting single shot, auto, or burst mode.

Looting The Areas:

Looting various places will not be easy. However, you have to loot to survive in the game. So, taking few precautions will be a better option! Whenever you see an open door, enter carefully because there was or still is an enemy in that particular building. Also, as someone already existed or presently exists in the building, you will not be able to find much loot out there.

This is the reason why you are advised to close the door after entering a building. It is a great way to trick other players as they will assume that no one is in the building and will be surprised to see you. Another benefit of closing the door is that when someone else enters, you can hear the doors opening and can get vigilant.

Yellow Loot:

Whenever you come across loot in the map, a pop up window will display the contents of the loot. If the items in the loot are highlighted in yellow color, then it denotes that the item is an upgrade for something that you have already acquired in the game. So, you should always procure the upgrades instantly. For instance; if you own a gun and come across a yellow gun then it means that the yellow colored gun is an upgrade to the existing gun. So, you should grab it quickly!

Fight For The Airdrops:

Always keep the speakers on volume while playing the game so that you can hear the plane flying by. When you notice the plane in the sky, keep an eye on it. The plane will drop a crate that consists of powerful arms and ammunitions. The crate will eventually hit the ground, so you should try to acquire it quickly. As most of the gamers will be eyeing for it, you have to be prepared for a fight.

Mentioned Below Are Some Wonderful Tips That You Could Use For Enhancing Your PUBG Mobile Game:

  • Stay hidden by setting up a camp and wait for enemies to arrive. As soon as the enemies stop to loot, you should hit them on the head so that they get killed easily.
  • Fill in your backpack with plenty of ammo so that you can use them whenever the need arises.
  • First Aid kits can be extremely helpful when you are gravely injured during fights, but it takes seven seconds to use them. So, you need to keep that in mind when you start using the kit.
  • When you kill an enemy, you can raid their backpack and steal all those items that are stuffed into it. Some of the items that you will acquire are clothing, weapons, armor, health boosters, etc.
  • Try using our PUBG Mobile Cheats for better gaming experience.
  • The appearance, sex, and race of your gaming character can be modified by spending 3,000 Coins. However, if you do not want to spend that much amount, then you can play as a guest by using the gaming character that you have been given.
  • Always keep a track of the map and avoid the red zones as bombs keep falling in there. Tracking the map will not only let you stay safe but also keep you informed about the location of other players.
  • Lipovka, Zharki, Primorsk, and Severny are the four cities that have plenty of loot. However, ensure that you land at the edge of the city to loot. If you land in the midst of the city, then you will be surrounded with many other players.

All in all, PUBG Mobile is a remarkable game that deserves commendation for its wonderful gameplay, graphics, and features. The game has the ability to keep you occupied for several months and with Pubg Mobile Cheats even more, so give it a shot!


Pubg Mobile Cheats


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