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Racing Rivals Cheats – Best Way To Get Gems and Cash

There were times when we used to play those classic racing games, but now it provides merely any fun to the players. But then again, you have several games out there launched to offer you an adventurous ride. One such game that mesmerizes the players with its graphics, as well as features, is the Racing Rivals. It is the latest launched drag racing game from the Cie Games. Both the users of android as well as iOS can enjoy the particular game. The game here not only provides you with many features like racing counterpart and other exotics but also allows you to challenge other players. Apart from that, you can race against the computer itself as well.

Also, you must collect the funds throughout the gameplay as these are the main ways to progress in the game and to enjoy the exclusive upgrades as well. However, if you are not good at the collection of funds in the game, then you should better try the Racing Rivals hack to get a generous amount of credits instantly.


The cars in the game are super sweet, and best above all is that their engines produce realistic sounds allowing you to enjoy a closer experience of riding a vehicle. So, let’s get acquainted with a little more knowledge about cars.

  • Speed boost

Like any other racing game, here also you get a speed boost option that you can use strategically to win a race. Here’s a tip for you. Keep your eyeballs on the speed boost button, which you’ll find right above the launch button. Once the meter gets green, hit the gas button to start your race with a speed boost. When the meter turns red, take your hands off the button; otherwise, you will lose the momentum. You don’t want to get disqualified from the race just because of stupid things.

  • Upgrade material for your car

While progressing in the game, you can upgrade your car to raise its potential, but for that, you need to choose the right one. You will see different upgrades for the cars to go with having different ranges like for increasing torque, horsepower, etc. These upgrades require a certain amount of credits in the game, which you can collect in various ways. But take into consideration one thing that the upgrades always tend to increase the damage of the engine.

So, here’s a tip for choosing the upgrades that highly boost up the horsepower and the torque. Some of these types of updates are cold air intake, exhaust, headers, etc. These types of upgrades also are cheap. However, if you want to spend credits on the expensive upgrades, then I’ll recommend you first to use the Racing Rivals cheats and then go ahead with the exclusive updates.


  • Vehicle’s Weight

One thing that is very clear that the heavier your car is, the harder it will be for you get ahead in the race. Therefore, it is better to put off some weight from your vehicle to make it more manageable. For that look for an option in the game reading out “chassis”, tap it and whola!! You can now decrease the weight of your vehicle to ¼th at three various levels. So, all-in-all the tip is to get higher upgrades for cars and keeping the weight of the car low.

  • Never forget about the upgrades

In racing games, you must remember one thing, and that is to upgrade your cars as soon as possible. Try to get your hands on the upgrades that help you win the race like a supercharger, turbocharger, and much more. Not buying the upgrades right away, you’ll not be able to enjoy an improved version of your car. Also, there will be a time when you will think about upgrading your car because, without that, you won’t be able to beat your opponent.  However, if you are not purchasing the upgrades just because of a lack of credits, then don’t worry. Try using the Racing Rivals cheats, and you will be more than happy after getting an unlimited amount of credits in the game to spend on various pieces of stuff.

  • Tires

Tiers play a significant role in winning the races. The best thing is that unlike the upgrades of the car, here you can choose the upgrade you want to; also, you will easily find these upgrades for sale in the shop.

  • Free cars

Well, yes, you heard right, free cars. It always feels fantastic to get free cars though it doesn’t happen in real life here; it is possible to get ones. So try to complete all the races while the main campaign is still going on.

That’s all for the tips and tricks. The game will take you to another experience of drag racing from the streets. So, what are you now waiting for? Aren’t you excited to play the Racing Rivals!!!

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