Real Racing 3 Hack

Real Racing 3 Hack – Quick Guide How To Get Coins and Gold

Real Racing 3 Hack

Real Racing 3 is an amazing car racing game, which is developed and published by EA games. The game features awesome graphics where you can race on different tracks against computer generated opponents and real time opponents it sometimes becomes so difficult that you need something like Real Racing 3 Hack.

You can play the game by using different vehicles and each of them resemble to real vehicles, in order to give you an in depth gaming experience. The game is available on different pocket platforms, which are Android, iOS, Nvidia Shield, and Blackberry 10 devices. Moreover, you can download the game for free on all of these platforms.

Similar to real world, Real Racing 3 game works on two different types of in-game currencies; which are R$ and Gold. If you want to own a fleet of beautiful cars then you need to have good amount of in-game currencies in your bank, as most of the cars and upgrades can be bought with them, but don’t worry they can be generated with Real Racing 3 Hack 2020.


It is the primary in-game currency, which can be earned in the game by completing races. The amount of R$ that you win depends on factors such as outcome of the race and the position in which you managed to finish the race. Most of the cars and their performance upgrades in the game can be bought with this currency, that’s why I suggest you to get it by using Real Racing 3 Hack.


Gold is the premium game currency, which can be used to purchase extraordinary cars and their performance parts. You can earn a small amount of Gold by completing different tasks that are specified in the achievements list. Moreover, little bit of Gold is received on leveling up in the game.

If you want to be a top-class racer in Real Racing 3 game, then you need to have ample amounts of in-game currencies in your account. Your success and failure in the game entirely depends on how many currencies you have with you.

There are lots of ways through which you can acquire in-game currencies, and one of them is to purchase with real money. You can simply go to the game store, select a required currency package, and buy them by paying real money.

The second method is to play the game as many times as you can, because you can receive small rewards in form of in-game currencies. You can stack the currencies in order to use them for future purchases. The third method to generate them in huge amounts immediately is by using Real Racing 3 Cheats. These three methods are the most effective and widely used ways to acquire Gold and R$.

If you are planning to use the second method to earn good amounts of gaming currencies, then check out the below mentioned tips and tricks. You can use these tricks to earn additional amounts of R$ and Gold in the game:

Daily Rewards:

The game has a daily reward system, which gives you a small reward in the form of R$ and Gold on everyday basis. These rewards increases with each successful day logged in, so make sure you don’t break your daily reward streak and collect it every day.

Free Gold:

The game has a small tab, which pays you a single Gold for watching an ad-based video in the game. This activity can be done several times in a day in order to get good amount of Gold instantly. Otherwise just try our Real Racing 3 Hack.


They are the best medium that can give you loads of Gold in the game. Multiplayer tournaments are organized on weekly or monthly basis in the game. So, make it a point to participate in these tournaments periodically in order to get good rewards.

Achievement Tab:

The game features an achievements tab, which shows a list of completed achievements and rewards received. You can view this tab in order to track your progress in the game. You can also keep a check on new tasks and strive to complete them to get game currencies, which can be used to purchase new cars and upgrade existing vehicles.

The game is extremely popular among millions of gamers and is downloaded by over a 100 million players on Android platform. Listed below are some of the important reasons, which have contributed to the growing popularity of the game:

Different Control Systems:

There are different types of control configuration, which makes it adaptable to most of the players, especially the casual gamers. For instance; if you are a casual gamer then you can opt for tilt steer controls with automatic acceleration. On the other hand, if you are a pro then you can opt for manual acceleration, brakes, and steering. Most of the racing games have one type of control configuration, while Real Racing 3 game has more than five different combinations of control configuration.

Single And Multiplayer Races:

The game has a vast single player mode where you can race against computer generated opponents in different maps and tracks. The career mode or single player mode consists of different tours; such as, Amateur, NASCAR, Expert, Master, Elite, etc.

Each tour can be unlocked by earning certain amount of stars, which can be done by performing exceptionally well in races. The tour further consists of different race events, which needs to be completed in order to unlock new races. Multiplayer mode allows you to race against other online players. You can play multiplayer races and tournaments in order to showcase your skills to other players.

Different Cars To Drive:

Real Racing 3 game will provide you an option to drive over 200 different cars, which looks quite similar to the real branded cars. You can buy exquisite cars of well-known brands; such as, Aston Martin, Bentley, McLaren, Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Lamborghini, etc. To try them all you would need to play a lot but you can simply use Real Racing 3 Hack to fasten up this process!

You can further upgrade your rides by installing different performance upgrades such as better engine, drive train, brakes, and wheels in order to increase the performance of your car. You can also customize your car by applying different paints, vinyl, rims, etc. in order to give a standalone look to your ride.

Race Teams:

Once you progress to level 10, the race teams feature is unlocked. You can create a race team of your own and invite other players to join your team or you can join an existing team of other players. By being a part of the race team, you can participate in team races and team tournaments in order to earn more rewards. You can also chat with your team mates by using the team chat window. This feature helps you in developing friendly relationship with your teammates.

Time Trials:

When players reach the driver’s Level 11 they unlock time trials, which allow them to race on the tracks in order to see their best race time. Each time you play a time trial, you have to spend one drive token, which regenerates after sometime. Only the fully upgraded cars do not consume drive tokens while playing time trials. In this game mode, you have to complete one lap in your best possible time. You even have to take care not to go off-track or collide, because if you do that, then your lap will be considered invalid.

Game Settings:

The game offers a sense of complete ownership to the gamers as you can alter lots of game settings as per your own preference. You can alter driver assist as per your choice by toggling Steering Assist, Gear Assist, and Traction control option from the menu. You can also change your display settings, map settings, and camera settings in the game; thereby having an optimum gaming experience.

Game Manual:

This feature is quite unique as most of the pocket games do not have a game manual provided in the game. However, in Real Racing 3 game, you can access the game manual from the settings tab and get step-by-step details of each and everything in the game.

All these amazing features and our Real Racing 3 hack will induce you to try the game at least once. So, what are you waiting for? Just download Real Racing 3 game now to enjoy hours and hours of fun gaming experience!

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