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Restaurant DASH Gordon Ramsay Cheats

Restaurant DASH Gordon Ramsay Cheats – Gold and Coins Hack



Restaurant DASH Gordon Ramsay is a new Dash cooking game where you can master your cooking skills under the guidance of Gordon Ramsay and become a professional culinarian. The game is one of the best stimulation cooking game published by Glu Mobile and can be enjoyed on the Android Platforms only. Travel around and learn to make Delicious dishes pass through the levels by serving the dishes quickly. The game is a complete revolution to the series of dinner dash.  Enjoy the new pieces of classic Kitchen equipment. You can build your cooking empire acquiring various facilities. There is one plus point here that earning currencies is quite easy but if you don’t want to beat the brows on the tasks then you can simply opt for Restaurant DASH Gordon Ramsay cheats. Using this hack will shower you with an unlimited number of coins and gold bars in the game and then you can enjoy unlocking as many features as you want.

Restaurant DASH Gordon Ramsay Hack

In- game currency

The game has in total of two in-game currencies that one can use to unlock features; these two currencies are:

  • Coins
  • Gold

Let’s see how one can use and earn these currencies

  1. Coins

Coins are one of the central funds among the 2 currencies. One can shop them from the in-app purchases for the real money. Apart from that, you get free coins in the game; one can have access to them by Tapping on the option of free coins. Other than that, seeing advertisement videos can also Reward you with coin bonus.

  1. Gold

Earning free gold in the game is a little bit limited but one can surely get free gold by tapping on the free gold button or by seeing the advertisement will cause you to earn them. Furthermore, one can get an exact 10 gold by connecting the game to your facebook account.


Apart from all these alternatives, one can also earn the central funds by hitting the trophies in the game. After completing the achievements you will get coins and Gold as a reward.

But if you don’t want to beat the brows on these methods than it is best to use Restaurant DASH Gordon Ramsay hack which will provide you with unlimited coins and gold and you don’t need to worry about them getting lost.

  • Tips and tricks

To assist you more, we are here with some handpicked tips and trick along with the Restaurant DASH Gordon Ramsay cheats that can guide you more about the game.

  • The cola trick

In the game for some reasons, you are not able to attend the customers who order cola with some dish. So in that problem, you can first serve the customers with cola quickly and then serve them the dishes. This will help to calm down your customer’s patience level to some extent.

  • Mute the voice of the chef

In the game, you may know that you are working under the assistance of the chef Gordon who keeps bothering you to serve the customers quickly. I personally feel this thing very annoying that’s why I prefer playing the game in mute so that I can focus on the orders. It depends on you as if you want to experience the life of a proper chef then you can turn on the sound and enjoy the game with the guidance of chef Gordon.

  • Upgrading the kitchen

One can upgrade the things in the game and can get extra advantage. For example, if you upgrade the grill in your kitchen then you’ll get one extra frill to work with, which will help you to prepare one than one dish at a time. Same as this, when you upgrade the chopping block then you will get an extra partner who will do the chopping job for you. Doing all this will ultimately lead to faster cooking and thus you can serve your customers quickly.

Last but not least here is one most beneficial tip for you. In the game, at a point of time, some VIP customers will arrive at your counter and you will be asked to prepare special dishes for them.  But to grab a hand over some finest of the ingredients you need to unlock the level 9 after that you can have access to those special ingredients.

Now that you know about the tips of the game you can apply them in the game and be a pro culinarian.



  1. It is a really good game, it helps to pass the time, entertaining, fun and above all exciting in each chapter and each season that passes.

  2. This is the best game I have ever played, but I need the materials so that i can have a easier gameplay. Thank you for doing this.

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