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Rise Of Civilizations is a new mobile title by Lilith Games offered for android device. The game is inspired by the strategy genre, and it is making it more popular among the youngsters. The vivid graphics, impressive gameplay, and advanced features are grabbing the attention of countless game enthusiasts. The game is all about getting control all over the city and tries to defend it from the intruders. Players need to pay attention to their main motive which is about increasing the power of the city.

Well, the game also includes many other interesting gameplay elements that will fall you in love with it. By playing the role of the governor of the city, you can give instructions to the army for attacking the other players. To increase the power of your city, it is important to train troops and also to upgrade the structures.

How to get started?



When you play the Rise Of Civilizations for the first time, then it is important to pay attention to the various aspects of the game. You need to choose your civilization carefully from the different options available. You will get the eight civilizations to choose from. Select the one by checking out all the instructions about every civilization. It is also good to consider the advantages that it offers for the players. In this way, choose a civilization that suits your preference as well as the playstyle.

Tips, tricks, and hints

In order to boost up your performance in the game, you need to consider some beneficial tips and tricks. The tips that you should always remember while playing the game are as follow-

  • Join an alliance – To develop your city in a right manner, you should find a right alliance to join it. With the help of this, you can increase your chances to survive against the attacks of the opponents. There are many alliances available, but you should always invest your time to choose the right one.
  • Spend the currency wisely – Gems, the main currency of the game is playing an important role. It is good to collect more and more gems to get progress faster. By using Rise Of Civilizations Hack, players can easily avail the desired number of gems instantly. You should spend the gems wisely to speed up your progress.
  • Strengthen the main commander– At the initial stages of the game, you will have numerous commanders but try to focus on the primary one. You always need sufficient resources for strengthening the commander. Use your resources instead of saving them for the future to level up your commander.
  • Claim the free rewards – Never forget to claim the free rewards because it can also help you to get the best advantages. You should go to the tavern in order to claim the free rewards in the form of chests. You can also link your game account with Facebook to get free gems and other rewards.

With the help of all these tips, one can easily make improvements in the game. It also helps the players to brighten up their winning chances quickly.

Ways to collect rewards in the game

If you want to collect more and more rewards in Rise Of Civilizations Hack, then you can find plenty of options. Choose the right one to ease up your task and also to enhance the speed of your progress. To collect rewards, you should check the details given below-

  • Daily missions

The game offers a lot of daily missions for the players which they need to complete. With the help of completing the daily missions, players can easily rack up the resources and goodies. By completing the daily missions, you can unlock the treasures and get better rewards.

  • Main Quests

You can easily find so many side and main quests which are the best source to collect good rewards. You should focus on these quests in order to get the big rewards. With the help of these rewards, you can increase your chances to get progress in the game.

As along with all these methods, Rise Of Civilizations Cheats can also help the players to gain the maximum number of resources with ease. Hope, this guide will help you out to play the game perfectly and also to reduce all the complications that beginners are facing on a daily basis.

Rise Of Civilizations Hack




  1. I like the game because it is very fun, I like the war, the strategy and the team work, the alliance, commanders, thanks for the help, keep going on, congrats and the game is great. The civilizations are very well did it and the graphics are awesome.

  2. FUN! All you need to fill up your time is this game! The work together, earning rewards, bring down the enemy and other clans!
    Of course the link within the clan, brings a lot of FUN!

  3. This game is amazing. I played lords mobile before and this is way better. People can not zero you as it is teams now or territories. The fact that you can move your base around is really cool. It gives you a feeling of options. I would highly recommend trying this game at any level of player.


  4. Amazing Website. So helpful and worth it. Increase in gems is so essential for rapid growth.Plus this is so addictive and so good.

  5. This game is awesome. I’m not really a fan of mobile games but this one I totally enjoy. At first I didnt know what’s this game is all about but this is a user friendly game. All the informations and guides is great, I just play and now improving and wanting to upgrade everything. This is really Fun!!!!

  6. I do really love this game, it’s just amazing. It’s so well made, that you want to go back there every day. Your rise begins from a small village, but in the end you’ll be the mightiest governer of the kingdom. Highly recommend this game.

  7. a friend told me about this game so I downloaded it and now I am obsessed haha. The graphics are very good and I like the strategies. It’s basically about war and growing your city with out without an alliance. I chose to be in an alliance so they could help me grow and then I’d help them as well. It’s a really good game, no bugs.

  8. i really loved this game! it is the only game that i spended too much for minamoto no yoshitsune.. my first recharge ever! i was so happy and excited about this game.. thank you for this wonderful experience special thanks to the game developers.

    1. This game is awesome. I’m not really a fan of mobile games but this one I totally enjoy. At first I didnt know what’s this game is all about but this is a user friendly game. All the informations and guides is great, I just play and now improving and wanting to upgrade everything. This is really Fun!!!!

  9. I like the game an app as it is an escapism . I am very ill with cancer so its great to forget about that. I am competitive but being ill not much chance so this is why gems be good

  10. The game is pretty fun. I have a blast with what different civilizations that you can be and the unique alliance/clans feature that the game provides. So far it’s been very enjoyable and I have lots if fun seeing different people from across the world.

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