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Langrisser Hack - Learn How To Get Crystals


Langrisser is a fantastic role-playing game where you can enjoy its flabbergasting adventure gameplay. The game is inspired by the classical Japanese culture, which has captivated the hearts of how many people never know.  The game takes back to you to time when there was a clash between the good and the evil. The game itself is, however, challenging, as it needs a lot of tactics to thrive.

The main highlight in the game is kept on to concepts like worshiping the magical swords, ditheism, and much more historical concepts. The game has the propensity to keep the players stick to it because, throughout the game, there are several sections which reveal some parts of the story, thus creating the curiosity among the players that what will happen further. Choose your favorite characters in the story and strategize everything beforehand. To get hold of more heroes, you will require the vouchers, however, if you are dealing with the issue of funds then use the Langrisser hack to have access to a generous amount of currency.

Now that we have landed on the topic of maintaining the funds, so, why not discuss the currencies hand to hand.


One of the essential things in the game is the currency; here, there are specific vouchers that one needs to maintain in the game throughout the journey. Here I’m reiterating two of the vouchers below to let you get a little acquainted with the knowledge about the voucher. So, without doing any further due, let’s just straightforwardly jump on to these:

Friendship vouchers

These are the prime currency in the game. The friendship vouchers are not that difficult to acquire in the game, not they provide any extra benefit regarding more powerful heroes. These can be quickly earned by completing various set of missions and tasks in the game. Thus, one can easily catch hold of these vouchers. However, these only provide some pieces of equipment and some familiar heroes, although if you want to get mighty heroes, then you need to have access to trinity vouchers.

Trinity vouchers

The trinity vouchers are the premium vouchers in the game, which you can collect for getting the best heroes as rewards. But the limitation is that you can only use one of the trinity vouchers at a time or in the set of 10.

But here I would recommend summoning ten trinity vouchers in a row; thereby, there is a surety of getting the SR heroes at least.

However, you always have the option of obtaining the vouchers by spending the real-life currency, but if you want to play the game completely free, then I have a better choice for you to use the Langrisser cheats. In doing so, you can get access to an ample amount of vouchers in the game.


Some guidelines that you can follow for further exploring the adventure in the game; these tips might be helpful to you.

Completing the tasks and the events

There will continuously be events is taking place in the game. Perform your best in the game; it will help you to enjoy the flabbergasting rewards in the exciting loots, which can be anything from getting the heroes to getting the rewards.

Diversity in the characters

It can be fascinating to assemble your favorite characters in a team, but try to have characters with different strengths; this will help you to have diversities during the battles.

Log in daily

To gain the vouchers daily, it is necessary that you log in daily so that you can get the check-in awards daily. However, if you don’t want to rack your brains in doing all these kinds of stuff, then the Langrisser cheats can come handy here to catch a grasp of unlimited vouchers.


The tips, as mentioned above, can come handy during the game, and these can help you to have smooth gameplay during the missions. So, go and explore the drama and adventure of the Japanese culture based game Langrisser using your deliberate skills.