Rush Wars Hack

Rush Wars Hack – The First Working Gems Cheats Which Actually Works

Rush Wars Hack – The First Working Gems Cheats Which Actually Works

Rush Wars is the latest game developed by Supercell, which has a combination of both town-building and tower-defense strategies. Ever since Supercell announced its beta release on 26th August 2019, fans all over the world are trying their level best to get their hands on it. However, to everyone’s disappointment, the beta version of the game is currently available only in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. Once the beta testing is completed, the game will be made available for download on iOS and Android platforms across the world.

If you are one of those fans who do not want to wait until its worldwide release, then you can download and play Rush Wars by following below-mentioned steps.

How To Install Rush Wars On iOS Device?

  • In order to Install Rush Wars on iOS device, you need to create a new apple id, which should be different from the one that you are currently using.
  • Once the new apple id is created, just change the region to Australia, Canada, or New Zealand.
  • After the region has been reset, download the beta version of the game from the App Store and start playing.

How To Install Rush Wars On Android Device?

  • Installing Rush Wars on Android is comparatively easier as you can simply install the beta version of the game by downloading the apk file.
  • However, if you do not prefer installing the game from a doubtful source, then you can install the beta version of the game by downloading a VPN with location such as Australia, New Zealand, or Canada. Once that is done, clear the cache of Play Store App, restart the Play Store, and search for Rush Wars game.

So, use the aforesaid methods and start playing Rush Wars game from the comfort of your home. Moreover, you can read the below mentioned features of Rush Wars to know what’s in offer for you.

Gameplay Style

Rush Wars offers a unique gameplay where you can enjoy elements of both town-building and tower-defensive strategy games. Here you have to construct different defensive buildings in order to protect your goldmines from being looted and at the same time develop offensive troops in order to raid the base of other players. The gameplay is quite distinctive and is extremely recommended for those who love strategy games.


They are tactical units, which are deployed during raids on enemy base. These units consist of different character classes, where each of them has a unique strength. You can choose to use one troop or multiple troops depending upon the defense of your enemies. In addition to the troops, you can also select different boosts, which will make your attack stronger.

No Wait Time

You need a good amount of time in order to plan your attack and defense in a strategy game, so time is always a constraint. In most of the strategy games, building defensive towers and attacking troops consumes a lot of time, which leaves with less time for planning. However, with Rush Wars, you can instantly create your troops and design your bases easily.


They are generals who are extremely strong and their presence can change the tide of any battle. There are different commanders, which you can unlock in the game. These generals can be used in the wars for both offensive and defensive capacities.

Clan System

The game also has team battles, which is similar to clan wars where gamers of two different clans can attack enemies and the clan who inflicts the maximum amount of damage will win. The rewards associated with the team battles are equally distributed among all participating members.

Now that you know about the important features that the game has to offer; mentioned below are the vital currencies of Rush Wars.


Everything about the game is related to Gold as you have to raid other players in order to acquire Gold and at the same time defend your goldmines from attacks. The reason that Gold is important is that it is the primary game currency, which is required to purchase attack units, defense towers, as well as other buildings. This denotes that you cannot prosper in the game unless you have abundant amount of Gold with you.


Gems are the secondary game currency, which are used to upgrade your defenses as well as enhance your HQ. An interesting aspect about Gems is that if you fall short of the currency then you can pay for the upgrade with a fraction of Gold and a fraction of Gems. However, unlike gold mining, Gems is not easy to earn and the only way to acquire them is by completing certain achievements or by purchasing them from the game store.


You can earn Stars on the basis of your performance in each battle. For instance; by destroying the enemy HQ, you can earn one Star, 50 percent destruction will let you earn one more Star and 100 percent damage earns you all three Stars. Once you have accumulated five Stars, you will receive a reward chest, which can be opened with the Key. The amount of maximum Keys that you can keep is five, which is automatically regenerated over time and can also be bought from the game store.

Resources are scarce and here is how you can earn Gold and Gems in the game.


You can use this simple logic in the game – battles will let you earn Gold, and Gold will fund resources, thus leading to improved troops. So, in order to create stronger troops, you should combat with opponents as much as possible. Winning battles will enable you to earn Stars and Gold, while losing battles will make you earn experience.

Free Chests

Whenever you login to the game each day do not forget to collect your free chests. Free chests contain freebies, which include troop cards, support cards, and some amount of Gold. The cards collected can be used in the battles against your opponents or can be converted into Gold.

Rush Wars Hacks And Cheats

They are the easiest way to earn game currencies as you don’t have to spend any time or efforts in order to accumulate them. So, if you are using Rush Wars Hack, you can have unlimited amount of Gold and Gems as well as decent amount of time to plan your attack and defensive strategies.

To conclude, Rush Wars is yet another entertaining and impressive game by Supercell, so give it a shot.



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