Saint Seiya Hack

Saint Seiya Hack

Saint Seiya Hack – The Only Working Awakening Coupon Cheats

Saint Seiya: Awakening is a role-playing mobile game, which is based on famous Japanese comics. The game features beautiful graphics, amazing combat effects along with life-like characters and character voices, which are given by popular Japanese voice artists. The game is available as a free download on both iOS and Android platforms.



Listed below are some of the important features of Saint Seiya Awakening Hack and The Game, which makes it one of the best role-playing games on pocket platforms.


Saints are different playable characters, which can be unlocked as you play the game. Each Saint is unique in their own way as they all have different abilities, combat styles, rarity level, etc. Currently there are over 70 different saints in the game and most of them can be summoned through summon spell. These saints are broadly divided into different classes based on their rarity level i.e. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Legendary, Marina, etc. The Bronze Level saints are the most basic saints, while Legendary Level ones are the most powerful ones.

Gold And Diamonds

You cannot progress in the game without obtaining plenty of in-game currencies such as Gold and Diamond. You can earn them by playing story missions, daily quests, PVP battles, etc. Gold and Diamonds can be used to purchase tons of gear, skills, cosmos, as well as character skins. However, collecting them by playing the game is a daunting process, as you need to complete lots of repetitive tasks. The other option available is to purchase these currencies from the game store by spending real cash.

If you are a fan of Saint Seiya: Awakening and want to make rapid progress in the game without spending your hard-earned money, then you can easily do that by using Saint Seiya: Awakening Hack. These tools will provide you with unlimited amounts of game currencies such as Gold, Diamond, and Coupons. With the help of these currencies, you can unlock the best Saints and max out their growth level.


Each saint in the game can be upgraded, which improves their overall performance. The stats of the saints can be increased by having experience syrup as well as by consuming same star saint, if the reincarnation is unlocked. You can also improve the skill level of your saints and make them stronger. The saint’s performance can even be improved with the help of awakening stones, spiritual material, and cosmos.

Team Formation

You can assemble a team of up to six saints and lead them into the battle. Initially, only four slots are available and other two slots are unlocked on reaching level 18. Strategy is very important in gathering an ideal team, so you need to know the skills and weakness of each saint before assembling them in your team. The game has a guide option, which gives you details of skills and attributes of your saints. In this tab, you will also see the recommended lineups.


The battle experience in the game is very immersive as the characters and animations are exceptionally well-designed. You can experience the best PVP combat experience in different PVP battle modes; such as, Galactic Duel, Saint Arena, Train Hall, and Sacred Duel. Galactic Duel is real-time PVP competition, which can be accessed at certain hours in the game.

Sacred Duel will give you a balanced PVP battle experience as the opponents are matched by the servers. Saint Arena is a one-on-one battle mode wherein those who score maximum number of points will win the battle. Train Hall is a challenge mode that can be accessed only if you wish to train the characters, as this mode features lots of different challenges, which have to be completed.

Dungeon Mode

The game offers Dungeon Mode for those who enjoy playing story missions. The story consists of different solo missions, which are of increasingly difficult level. By playing these missions, you will learn the story behind each saint and you will also get other perks; such as, experience points, Gold, cosmos, etc. The dungeon mode also offers other game modes; such as, Epic Ruins, Titans, Opportunity Dungeon, and Dimension where you can enjoy solo and co-operative gameplay.

To conclude, Saint Seiya is a complete package of realistic gameplay, futuristic combats, and immersive characters. Once you start using Saint Seiya cheats Awakening for generating Gold and Diamond, you will be unstoppable! So, what are you waiting for, just download the game and see it for yourself!

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