SimCity BuildIt Cheats

SimCity BuildIt Cheats – Generate Simoleons and SimCash

The SimCity BuildIt is a simulation game and available with multiplayer & single player options. You need to be focused on the city building concept while playing the game. It can help you in preparing an impressive layout with proper placement of buildings. If you want to get knowledge about a perfect way of playing then follow SimCity BuildIt Cheats. Mainly cheats are based on some specific tips and tricks.

Tips for playing

  • Keep buildings busy

While playing it, you need to deal with different types of buildings. Some buildings are becoming useful in generating and gathering resources. You should try to keep these types of buildings busy every time. In case you are doing it then it may lead to lots of issues such as – wastage of time and resources.

  • Check out the requirements

With the development, numerous buildings you need to focus on various elements. It increases the number of residents. All residents have different requirements. Everyone demands for fulfilling the requirements. You need to fulfill such requirements and try to keep the residents happy all the time.

  • Figure out deals

During the game, you can various deals from the residents. You should try to grab such deals as fast as possible. For such a task, you need to tap on coin icon. The icon is appearing on the buildings when residents want to do some exchange. In the deal, you need to provide some specific items to them and get simoleons (gold) in the exchange.

  • Upgrade the buildings

Some specific buildings can be upgraded. By upgrading the buildings, you are able to increase its capacity and make numerous things easier. City storage is the biggest part of these types of buildings. For upgrading the building, you need to consider the way of specific material. In order to get such material, you can consider the way of residents.

  • Prepare layout carefully

The use of SimCity BuildIt Hack can help you in unlocking different types of buildings easily and quickly. Some of these buildings are residential and some other industries. For keeping the citizens happy and regulating all activities, you should try to keep industrial buildings away from residential ones.

If you keep the industrial units near residential ones, then it may create unfavorable conditions for the citizens. Due to these types of conditions, they may feel lots of issues and become sad.

  • Try to increase the population

The population of the city is playing an important role when it comes to get quick success. You should try to increase the population of the city. It can be possible by establishing more residential units or upgrading the existing ones.

When you are going to perform such action, then you need to be focused on other buildings. Do not rush the game account by unlocking and establishing lots of buildings. All you need to do is keep patience and develop city genteelly.

  • Use funds wisely

You can see some specific currencies here, and these are – simoleons, simcash and golden keys. It does not an easy task to earn a good amount of funds in the game quickly. For such a task, you need to put lots of efforts. You should try to keep them safe and spend wisely. Spend funds on the places that are providing fruitful results only.

Know more about currency


It is the main currency and used for unlocking different types of buildings such as – factories, residential units, and service buildings. If we talk about its earning then, you can do trade, sell resources or upgrade the houses.


Simcash is the premium currency, and it can be earned by spending real money or completing achievements. There are numerous uses associated with it such as – trading, speeding up the processes, unlocking buildings and so on.

Golden keys

It is a specific currency that can be used and earned by performing some specific activities. Vu’s disaster HQ and Dock are two sources to earn it.

For gathering the required amount of currency quickly, you consider the way of SimCity BuildIt Cheats. Mainly the cheats can help you in getting introduced to the best way of generating more. All these tricks can make the way of playing better.

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