Subway Surfers Hack

Subway Surfers Hack

Subway Surfers Hack – Easiest and Fastest Coins and Keys Cheats

If you like running games then here’s is the one for you-Subway surfers by kiloos and the SYBO games from Denmark. It’s an endless running game that is available for a good range of platforms to play on. The game can be played on Android, Kindle, iOS, Fire OS, Macintosh OS, and the windows phone. Here the main gameplay of is to run as far and fast as you can and keep on collecting coins. Here if you think what the use of coins is, then these are used to buy several varieties of stuff in the game. Therefore, it becomes necessary to collect these; however, there is an alternative to get a generous amount of funds in the game instantly, and that is through the Subway Surfers hack.


There are individual bits of stuff in the game that needs to be collected, but the primary currency in the game is the coins. There are several ways to obtain these coins, such as when you run, you get innumerable of coins in the way that you can collect. Other than that, you can collect these from the mystery boxes. However, if you don’t want to rack your brains while collecting the coins to purchase your favorite pieces of stuff, then make the use of Subway Surfers cheats. It will grant you a generous amount of coins in the game instantly.

When it comes to the utilization of the coins, then these can be used to purchase several pieces of stuff in the game where the first is the characters. Apart from that, you can also buy a good number of hoverboards. Not only are these but the coins also essential for purchasing power-ups and boosters.

Now that we grasp the importance of the game let’s discuss all the essential things that we concluded above, such as the mystery boxes, power-ups, etc.

Other essential items in the game

  • Mystery Box

These are the boxes that you can either purchase or grab while running. The box provides you with random things that are important to unlock a few characters. It also sometimes rewards you with hoverboards, some special head starts, and coins up to 2500. Though it is sporadic to get the rare pieces of stuff like the keys, trophies, 5000 coins, and the score boosters and the jackpot in which you are awarded a considerable amount of coins.

  • Hoverboard

Using Hoverboard while running, protects you from crashing with the hurdles placed in your way for about 30 seconds. When you get collapsed, the Hoverboard gets exploded, and you need to recharge it before using it again. To activate the Hoverboard, you can double-tap on the screen.

  • Score booster

Score booster is a power-up in the game which costs the players a sum of 3000 coins.  Another way to obtain is through mystery box, but that’s very rare. Therefore, it is better to purchase it, and if you don’t have enough coins, then get them through the Subway Surfers hack. When it was not introduced in the game, another power-up was there in its place referred to as Head start. With the power-up, your score gets multiplied by 5, 6, and seven until your run ends. THereby your score will increase insanely throughout one complete run.  So, it is in your hands if you want to purchase it or wait for the mystery box to reward you with it.


The developers of the game keep on releasing the new updates of the game. Recently they had released the Kenya, Africa update in the game where you can enjoy running by the beautiful cliffs of Kenya.

These are some of the essential sorts of stuff in Subway Surfers that plays a significant role in the push-start your progress. Now, by knowing this much, you can quickly get familiar with the mechanics of the game and try our newest Subway Surfers Hack.

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