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Sweatcoin is an amazing app, which has been introduced for fitness lovers who get motivated by acquiring small incentives at the time of completing their fitness goals. If you are a fitness freak and do not like compromising on your fitness goals then you will certainly enjoy using Sweatcoin app. This is because; it will give you rewards in the form of Sweatcoins on completion of your daily fitness goal.

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The rules of the application are very simple. All you have to do is to walk or run a certain number of steps in order to earn Sweatcoins. Before you install the app and start earning, mentioned below are some of the important things that you should know about the Sweatcoin app.



Sweatcoin Coins:

They are a form of crypto currency or digital currency, which you can earn whenever you exercise outdoors. All you need to do is allow Sweatcoin App to track your movements. These Points are accepted as a mode of payment for purchasing several other add-ons such as; online training sessions, pair of running shoes, activity trackers, etc.

However, accumulating the Sweatcoin Points is a time-consuming process as you have to keep exercising for a long time in order to accumulate enough number of Sweatcoin Points for redemption. Instead, you can use the Sweatcoin Hack that will let you multiply your earnings, as you can easily generate the required amount of Sweatcoins. The best feature of Sweatcoin Cheats is that it keeps the identity of the user protected so there is no need to worry about being banned.
Another benefit of using Sweatcoin Cheats is that you can get a chance to be featured among the best fitness personalities, as your fitness level is measured in terms of the amount of Sweatcoins that has been earned by you. Using Sweatcoin Hack is very easy since it does not require any sort of special skills. You can get the desired amount of Sweatcoins by entering the required value and pressing a few clicks. Simple, isn’t it?

Below mentioned are some of the vital aspects that will induce every fitness lover to try Sweatcoins app:

Outdoor Movement Tracker:

All of us do some amount of activity at home like doing the chores, exercising, cleaning, etc. However, the Sweatcoin app has a GPS tracker, which does not reward its user for the activities done at home. Only those activities are rewarded that are performed outdoors. This feature of the app will motivate you to perform exercises outdoor instead of indoor.

Different Rewards For Different Exercises:

The amounts of Sweatcoins that are rewarded to the users are different for each task. So, it doesn’t matter if you choose to run, walk, or jog; you will still manage to earn Sweatcoins depending upon the number of steps achieved. The Sweatcoin app also rewards people who prefer to cycle instead of running or walking, which means there is something in store for everyone.

So, without thinking any further; just download the Sweatcoin app and start earning in exchange of the calories burned!

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  1. This game has helped me to get fit so much better, and it pays me! There should be more apps like this to influence others because I lost a lot of wait by using this. I really think that you should try it.

  2. this is app is amazing it’s really useful and it’s kinda fun cuz the only thing you gotta do is just walk and boom free sweatcoins. I downloaded this app cause I wanna buy && get my own stuff and I want a iPhone and she always tells me she is gonna buy me one but it never happened but I got this app so hopefully it helps ????❤️

  3. This app is amazing and you can get pretty good rewards and/or services by simply walking around or running and exceed using. And with this hack I can get free stuff!

  4. This app is amazing helps me keep fit while earning and also the generator is spot on thank you for helping me out must try

  5. This helps me too stay fit and also helps me to gain more points. Awsome Amro thanks you for helping me.

    Love U.
    Greetz from Holland

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