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Sweatcoin Hack and App Review – Get Unlimited Coins

Have you heard about Sweatcoin, the famous app that actually pays you for reaching your fitness goals? Yes, you read it right! To keep you motivated towards your aim to stay healthy, Sweatcoin app will give you rewards in the form of Sweatcoins. The incentive will certainly encourage you to move around more and keep yourself fit. There are several step-tracking apps available on the Internet, but the earning currency feature makes this app different from the rest. Hence, the innumerable fitness freaks across the world are ready to give the Sweatcoin app a try.



The currency that you will earn by walking, cycling, jogging, or running is known as Sweatcoins, which is basically a cryptocurrency. For every 1,000 steps that you make, you will earn about 1 SWC (Sweatcoin). You can use the currency to purchase certain items that have been made available in the app; like, fitness classes, Fitbit tracker, classy running shoes, or anything else that will help you to stay fit. The products available are usually short-lived but mostly they come into circulation again, so don’t worry.

Occasionally, there are some amazing products available for purchase like phones, PayPal cash, Amazon gift cards, etc. These products are available for 5000-10,000 Sweatcoins. Earning such huge amounts of Sweatcoins can be tremendously tiring as you will have to walk and run for extremely long hours and keep saving the currency that you earn each day. Instead of waiting, a better option is to make use of Sweatcoin hack 2019, which will let you generate unlimited amount of Sweatcoins instantly. You can then redeem the digital currency for real currency by opting for PayPal cash. Cool isn’t it?

Important Strategies To Keep In Mind While Using The Sweatcoin App:

  • You can install the Sweatcoin app on your phone and start using it instantly. It runs in the background and keeps a track of your physical activities. However, you should not swipe up the app while not in use as the application will stop tracking your steps.
  • The app does not track all of your steps that you make in the entire day. It will keep a track of only those steps that it believes to have been done outdoors. The GPS system will help the app to know whether you are working indoors or outdoors.
  • The app will be running constantly on your phone, so keep an eye on the battery of your device as it drains out the battery quickly. You will have to charge the battery of your device regularly.
  • If you are already using Fitbits or any other fitness tracker then keep in mind that the Sweatcoin app will not sync with any of them. It only relies on your device’s step tracking software.
  • Similar to other fitness tracking apps, you can see your friends’ step counts each day by using the Sweatcoin app. This is a great feature to keep your motivated to reach your goals.

Various Sweatcoin Membership Levels:

There are several levels in Sweatcoin membership among which, the first category is the only one that is freely available to all. Mover is the first category, and if you fall in this membership level then you cannot earn more than five Sweatcoins per day in spite of walking and running for the entire time. To increase the number of Sweatcoins that you earn, you need to reach the next category, which is the Shaker. However, to reach Shaker category, you will have to pay in Sweatcoins. The subsequent membership level after Shaker is the Breaker. If you want to reach higher membership levels in the Sweatcoin app then the app experts have recommended using Sweatcoin cheats so that you reach the upper levels quickly.

Loophole In Sweatcoin Application:

There is a loophole in the Sweatcoin app and most of us are not yet aware of it. If you are tired or not interested in running for the day; but, you want to earn Sweatcoins, then you can try this trick. Just attach your device that has the app to your pet’s collar and let him loose in the garden. After an hour, you will notice that your Sweatcoin currency has increased considerably. However, this trick is against the company’s terms and conditions. So, if you are trying the trick then do it at your own risk as you may get banned from the app forever. Don’t you think using Sweatcoin cheats would be a safer option as the app developers will never realize that you have made use of a hacking tool to acquire loads of Sweatcoins? The cheats will keep your identity protected and ensure that you do not get debarred from the app.

To conclude, giving users a reward to stay fit is a great idea for making everyone health conscious. The numbers of obese people are increasing at an alarming rate and apps such as Sweatcoin are the need of the hour. The app will not only keep you fit but will even enable you to purchase several gifts as a reward. Also, the most important benefit that you will get by using the Sweatcoin app is that you will be working more outdoors than indoors for completing your fitness goals. In addition, you can even make use of Sweatcoin hack to acquire plenty of Sweatcoins and reward yourself with wonderful gifts each time. Is there a better way to stay motivated for reaching your fitness goals? Think about it!

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