The Walking Dead Road to Survival Cheats – Quick Guide How To Get Coins

An RPG title based on popular comic series called “The Walking Dead” is making huge progress toward being the next trending game in the role-playing category. It is a free to play mobile title equipped with some simple arcade gaming mechanics and easy to play interface. In The Walking Dead Road To Survival game, coin plays an important role in effective progression. Alongside everything you do, the below mentioned six things must be in your tactic to enhance your overall gameplay. Let’s have a look –

  1. Looking After One And Two Star Characters

Probably you are right about the fact that one-star and two-star characters are worthless, and they don’t even matter until you realize that they can help to support your main heroes. These can come in handy to level up your main character and they can let you earn some extra experience point. The game begins with lower-level characters, and they are pretty bad at combat, not in case of starter levels, so, if you want to use them effectively, then consider earning enough XP.

  1. Leveling up

Always make sure that you level up your character at a faster rate to keep on progressing toward the better side. Each character card has a symbol, and it is mainly about the persona of any given survivor. In case you have a similar character to offer trait, then you can use that one. This method will help to earn extra XP and enhancing the chances of upgrading faster. Most of the gamers use such methods because it seems reliable, and it is a genuine thing to do after passing through the first couple of levels. This thing matters a lot in progression.

  1. Upgrade Items

Apart from leveling up characters, you need to have a close at upgrading characters. After reaching a certain level, you can boost stats easily, but your character needs certain items for the same. Getting all the basic items and then upgrading your character means it will be an easier decision, and you can consider it without any problem. While preferring this method for the first time, you might not have enough coins. Due to this, consider the use of The Walking Dead Road To Survival cheats to eradicate all the problems.

  1. Auto-Battle Mode

While battling in levels, you can leave the match on auto-battle mode. It follows a playing style of yours and tries to make you win. Whenever you are using the auto-battle mode, you need to stay bit specific. Make sure that you choose the auto-battle mode wisely to avoid getting into any problem. It might be hard, in the beginning, to know that when to use auto-battle but we suggest that if you have poor server connection, then you must consider it.

  1. Resources and Safeguarding

Getting all the important resources might be hard to do a thing, and if you want some of the best resources, then you should play strategically. The common choice which is highly effective and reliable to eradicate all the problem is The Walking Dead Road to Survival hack, and you can consider it. Several methods are there to grab resources, but you need to safeguard them at the same time also. You can raid other players and steal their resources, but the same is possible with you. So, you create a great defense army to protect and get rid of all the issues with ease.

  1. Additional Tips

For first time players, earning a genuine amount of coin is the primary thing to do. If you can’t earn enough, then follow the basic tips –

  • Get a daily bonus from the developers. It is offered for one time in a day, and you can consider it as an effective choice.
  • Connecting your gaming account to the Facebook profile will save your progression, and it will provide a free bonus.
  • You can invite friends to play the game, and if someone joins, you will get free resources on the same.

These are some additional and easier methods to obtain more coins without making many efforts at all.


Over the past couple of months, getting over the lack of currency is a major thing for everyone. The use of the Walking Dead Road to Survival Hack seems like a jaw-dropping option because it works flawlessly, and it saves you money at the same time. Instead of keep on playing the same level, again and again, you can focus on mastering the basics and looking after the survival options and upgrades.

It might be typical to survive if you don’t take precautions. So, the very first suggestion is, learn to hide and then look after taking over the enemy. Don’t afraid to jump outside but take precautions at the same time as if you want to survive in matches.

The Walking Dead Road to Survival Cheats