Toon Blast Hack

Toon Blast Hack and Game Review: Engrossing Puzzles!

If you like solving tricky and interesting puzzles then you will certainly enjoy playing Toon Blast game. It is an entertaining online game that can be played by all ages. Your main criterion in the game is to destroy blocks on the grid by matching their colors and in least number of moves. The game is not as easy as it sounds and will surely keep you busy for several days.




Coins are the main in-game currencies of Toon Blast that will be required for purchasing extra moves, Boosters, lives, and creating a new team. To earn Coins in the game, you need to login daily and unlock various types of Chests. Coins can also be acquired by giving lives to other players and by connecting with the gaming developer’s social media accounts.

You will need at least 100 Coins to refill lives of five players. However, the amount of Coins that you earn in the game will be limited. The only ways to earn them in huge amounts is by spending real world money or using popular and reputed hacking tools like the Toon Blast Hack.


Boosters are the special currency of the game that are useful for clearing several pieces on the grid at the same time. They help in finishing a level faster and will enable you to earn more points. You will come across various kinds of Boosters in the game; like, Anvil Booster, and Boxing Glove Booster, among others.

Earning Boosters is not an easy task as you can acquire them occasionally and in limited quantities by unlocking chests. So, you should use them only if you are stuck up with a tricky grid. Alternatively, if you want to use Boosters for numerous occasions then you should use hacking tools like Toon Blast Cheats, which will help in generating unlimited Boosters instantly.


In the beginning of the game, you will be given five Lives. You will lose a life only when you are unable to beat a level. So, if you keep completing each level successfully, you will be able to save your five lives. In the start, the levels will be easy but as you progress, the puzzles get trickier. This is when you will start falling short of lives.

To earn lives in the game, you should join a team, which will be available only after you reach level 20. Once you have joined a team, you can ask the members or other players of the game to give you some lives. Each team member can give up to five lives every four hours. Similarly, you need to return their favor by giving lives back to your teammates. Moreover, you can spend some Coins and create your own team by requesting other players to join it. Another method to acquire lives is by waiting patiently as it gets regenerated after a certain time-period.

Overall, Toon Blast is an engrossing game that can be played during short and quick breaks. Playing strategically will help in solving the puzzles quickly. You should not try to match the blocks quickly to reach next stage of the game. Instead, you should analyze the entire grid and then group the blocks together so that you can make a combo to create a special block. This will even ensure that you complete the grid swiftly and in lesser amount of moves. With all these amazing tips, you are surely going to have a great time while playing Toon Blast game.