Toon Blast Hack - Coins Cheats That Works

Do you love puzzle games? Do you enjoy spending your leisure hours with the puzzle games wholeheartedly? Well, if you are nodding giving an affirmative reply, then you must try the fantastic game that has already crossed more than 50 million downloads from the store. Well, I am talking about the game by Peak games- Toon Blast. Toon Blast is a 3-puzzle game where you require a match at least three similar tiles to clear them from the board.

The game has created a record of 2019 where it has earned more than 300$ revenue, isn’t that crazy?


Talking about the gameplay then initially it is quite easier, and you will comfortably be able to clear the objectives, but as soon as you reach level 6th, you will realize that you are not so easily able to make the matches and completing the level. It is because as you will make progress in the game, more complicated, the levels will become. Moreover, there are some credits in the game that you need to manage. Therefore, for all those folks who are stuck at some points in the game because of the funds, then, I would suggest making the use of the Toon Blast cheats. Through these cheats, you will get an instant supply of funds in an unlimited amount.

However, there are some tips and strategy guide as well as reiterated here for you to have a look at and improve your gameplay. So, without making any further due, let’s jump into the tactics of the game. 

Basic Strategies

  • Make your moves at the bottom

The point makes sense itself it is because when you will clear the tiles from the bottom then the blocks present at the top will fall and there will be more chances of the matches being created, or it can be combos as well. Whereas If you make matches in the top area of the board, there will be no changes in the bottom, hence no more chances of matches.

  • Combos are special tiles

As I mentioned that as you will make progress, the levels will keep on getting tough for you. Therefore, at these times, you can match more than four tiles to create a combo.

These combos help to clear the level with little more comfort. There are a total of three combos that you can make in Toon Blast.

  • Rocket-Match five similar tiles to create a Rocket and it will cleat the whole row or column for you.
  • Bomb-The Bomb can be created by matching seven similar blocks together. The combo, when activated, will clear eight of the neighbor blocks surrounding him.
  • Disco ball- Nine pieces of box match together give rise to a Disco Ball. It is the oddball that erases all the same colored cubes from the entire puzzle board.

So you can make these and get a little more close to finish the level.

  • Boosters are the key

Similar to the combos there are also four boosters in Toon Blast. But don’t let yourself confuse the boosters with the combos, as they both are different. The boosters can’t be created by making matches in the level, instead are either obtained from the Toon Chest or the Star chest or even as a gift. Whenever you clear you will get one of these elements.

The four boosters that I talked about earlier are the: Hammer, Anvil, Boxing Glove, and the Dice Booster.

You can also acquire a generous amount of these boosters with the Toon Blast hack. Thereby it will be immensely more comfortable to clear the levels for you. Not only boosters by making the use of hack you can also grab innumerable lives in the Toon Blast to play with. As without lives, you will not be able to play the game.


Now that more and more people are joining the puzzle obsession, why are you left behind? Go with the flow and try this fantastic puzzle game.