Trade Island Hack

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Trade Island Review: Be The Mayor Of Your Island

If you enjoy building islands from scratch in online games then you should play and try Trade Island hack. Here, you will be given an empty island that needs to be converted into a rich and flourishing city. This will require plenty of hard work, endurance, survival skills, and much more. So, it is certainly going to be fun! When you make the first move of building houses and providing resources, people will consider living in your island. Thus, your island will start getting popular and you will progress quickly in the game. Read on to know more about the various important attributes of Trade Island game so that you reach new stages quickly:

In-Game Currency Of Trade Island - Coins And Gems:

Coins are the primary currency of the game that is required for constructing houses and providing special facilities to the people. A major chunk of Coins are earned by levying taxes on the people. The taxes that you acquire depend on the quality of houses that you have built. So, if you want to increase your earnings then you should upgrade the buildings. Coins can also be purchased by spending Gems.

Gems are the premium in-game currency that is required for buying several tools, resources, as well as increasing slots in stores or shops. By increasing slots, you will be able to save a lot of time as you can collect resources and produce them in bulk. Earning Gems is a tough task so it is important that you spend them cautiously. There may be instances where you will feel the need to spend Gems to complete a task quickly. However, instead of that you should save Gems and spend a little more time in finishing the allotted task. To procure unlimited Gems, most of the gamers spend real money or act wisely by using Trade Island Hack.

Now that you know the importance of in-game currencies, here are the two vital features of the Trade Island game that should be accomplished so that you achieve success:

  • Complete Missions Each Day: There are several missions to be done each day. As soon as you complete one, you will be allotted another one. The list of missions is available on the left side of your screen, so keep an eye on them. By completing the missions, you will be able to earn plenty of currencies, resources, and XP. Also, keep track of the story quests that are available on top of the list and try to finish them successfully.
  • Spend Time In Beautifying Your Island: For obvious reasons, this is the most vital aspect that needs to be done for making a lively island. You should build more and more houses so that the population of your city increases. If you are finding space crunch then cut off the unwanted trees so that you can get enough space to construct buildings. Residents will need good roads, shopping malls, recreational areas, schools, offices, and much more. So, you need to build all of this to grow your island.

In short, the island is filled with innumerable mysteries that will keep you busy for several weeks. You even have to solve some interesting missions like searching for pirate treasures, extraditing artifacts, and much more. The residents of your city live an independent life as they work, enjoy, and socialize with others and your main motive is to make their life simpler. They will even share their wishes, which you should complete as quickly as possible. Keep an eye on the residents who have an icon in their thought balloon, as that is going to be their wish. So, start your adventure with Trade Island Game now and build the island of your dreams!