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How To View Private Instagram Account without Following?

If you are an Instagram user then you would be aware of the fact that it is not possible to view private Instagram photos. By default, you can only view those photos and content that has been shared by public Instagram accounts. So, how to view someone’s private Instagram photos?

View Private Instagram

This query has been amongst one of the highly searched phrases on popular search engines like Google and Bing. The reason is that people are anxious to know what others are hiding from them. By hook or by crook, they want to get a sneak peek at someone’s private IG account without them knowing about it.

That brings us back to the question; how to view private Instagram account? Don’t worry; till the time you finish reading this post, you would have learnt about an amazing way to view private Instagram account. So, let’s find out!

Why Instagram?

All of us know that Instagram is one of the finest photo and video sharing application. You can create an IG account on your device for sharing your day-to-day activities with family and friends or build a business account for attracting customers. In both the cases, Instagram will help you in engaging with your audience in a simple and quick way.

Through this famous social networking site, you can share your personal or professional life with the world. It is an extremely addictive app that has been used by millions and millions of people across the world. Everyone clicks unique photos for Instagram so that it attracts several likes and comments.

What Are The Types Of Instagram Accounts?

There are two types of Instagram accounts, which are public account and private account. If your Instagram account is a public one then the entire IG community will be able to see your photos and content that you share. Others can even comment on your post without following you on IG.

On the other hand, if you have chosen to keep your IG account as a private one, then no one other than your approved followers can view what you share. If someone wants to see your posts then they need to send you a request to let them follow your account. If you accept their request then they can see your content otherwise it will always be hidden from them.

Usually, people who do not want to share their events publically, keep their account private. This helps them to share their content with only a handful of selected people. Also, they do not accept a follower’s request from an unknown person because they prefer maintaining the privacy of their account.

How To View Private Instagram Profiles?



There are many members from the Instagram community who are curious to view the content shared by private IG accounts. A simple way to view private account content is by asking the account holder to accept your follow request. However, as mentioned above, in most of the cases an unknown person will never accept any such request. This is because; their main purpose of keeping the Instagram account private is that they do not want an unknown person to view their content. So, what is the solution?

A better alternative is to look out for tools that can hack private Instagram accounts. These tools can bypass the app’s security controls and help you to view the content posted by a private Instagram account. Using hacking tools is the easiest and quickest way to view private Instagram accounts. The software has been meticulously created by professionals who know the security controls of IG in-and-out. So, you can be assured that nobody from the Instagram community will know that you have viewed photos from a private account.

Another important feature of the tool is that it will keep your personal Insta account safe and secured. Would you risk your personal account for viewing someone’s photos? Definitely not! The hack developers realize this very well and have thus created the tool with utmost care, which is free of malicious bugs. So, you can avail the benefits of this wonderful tool without any worries.

In addition, hacking tools can also be used in situations when you have been unintentionally locked from your personal IG account, to keep an eye on your child / spouse / ex’s account, to retrieve your previously hacked IG account, or for any other reason. The software can be used on all devices; including Android, iOS, and Windows. It is a user-friendly and trustworthy tool, which can be used instantly by a new user. You can use the software to hack several Instagram accounts without facing any difficulties.

Final Word:

Now that you know how to view private Instagram profiles without following, you can use the tool and have a wonderful time in watching all that is shared by private as well as public IG accounts. Always remember; while using the hacking tool, you do not have to comment or share any of the posts made by private accounts otherwise you will get caught and your personal Instagram account may get banned forever. So, use the tool safely and have a wonderful time while viewing photos and content by private Instagram accounts.


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  1. This made me feel so good, finally I can look all the private accounts.
    Finally a nice solution. I can finally stalk my ex easily.

  2. I hope it will work, thank you for helping me out, I have been trying to sneak into a friend’s a/c who did the same to me, but back then I didn’t knew u guys were out there. Peace

    1. Really usefull. I tried it a few minutes ago and it worked. Do not hesitate, try it now. Also, it is not complicated

  3. My girlfriend is cheating on me and so I would like to access her Instagram account to see who it is please.

  4. This app is excellent. I need it for scouting future MLB players and Coaches! Would recommend to anyone who wants to use it. For the right reasons of course! I don’t think Stuart Hogg is using it for a very healthy reason!

  5. This app is excellent. I need it for scouting future MLB players and Coache This app is excellent. I need it for scouting future MLB players and Coaches! Would recommend to anyone who wants to use it. For the right reasons of course! I don’t think Stuart Hogg is using it for a very healthy reason!s! Would recomme

  6. Finally a nice solution for this problem! I can finally stalk my crush.. God bless this app.. Good luck to all

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