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Walking Dead Cheats – Best Way To Get Coins

Are you also among the one who is facing problems in understanding the gameplay of the Walking Dead? If you have an affirmative reply to this question, then you must read our guide here. Here we will provide you all the information about the different game elements. AMC and the next games have recently launched the particular game as a new geo-based apocalyptic world game. Here the entire world is plunged into the world of zombies.

It is a location-based game just like the Pokémon go. Show all the Pokémon go fans out there must try this game that will provide you a flabbergasting experience with a whole new twist. You won’t be collecting the cute and small Pokémons; instead, you will have to shoot zombies with the entire armory of weapons. Not only is this what you can also recruit heroes and rescue your survivors with their help. The game has already hit the play stores and the iOS stores so you can download it directly from there.

In-app purchases

The game does include some in-app purchases that you might want to go for. The in-app purchases are all about the collection of funds that you can collect easily through the Walking Dead hack. The Hacks are capable of providing you relief in the game by allowing you to enjoy an unlimited amount of currencies.


The first most essential thing in the game is all about understanding the so what you should do is that you will have to look around your map properly analyze where you can complete the missions and collect resources. There are 16 missions, as well as the group missions. Not only this, but you can level of yourself collector weapons and upgrade them as well using the perk cards from missions.


Moving on to the resources, the game features several resources that you can collect by completing the missions on the map. Here I have mentioned the resources that are featured in the game.

  • Cards

Cards are required to unlock new companions and weapons in the game so that you can defeat the zombies. Apart from these records can also be used to upgrade the weapons and companions that you already have. These cards are further categorized into three distinct categories based on the rarity. The three types of cards we have in the game are common, rare, and legendary.

  • Coins

Coins can be considered as one of the most major currency that the game Walking Dead has. One cannot neglect its usage at all in the game. You can spend coins to upgrade your weapons perk cards and companions as well. However, if you are unable to collect enough amount of coins in the game, then it may cause you a little bit problem. All you need to do is to make the use of the Walking Dead cheats to get yourself out of this problem.

  • XP or gold stars

This particular currency decides your experience level in the game. More gold stars you have, higher your level in the game. Whenever you complete a level in the game, you get gold stars, rewards which further unlock many new features, cards, and missions for you.


When you go ahead in the game, you unlock different types of missions gradually. So here we won’t be able to discuss all of them but considering the beginners, let’s have a look at the mission types for the players of level 1-5 only. It has three mission categories for beginner players in the game. These three categories are

  • Encounter

These types of missions are the easiest missions one can complete in the game only by taking down a few numbers of zombies. Everybody gets a card on winning in this particular mission type. There are chances of obtaining the common cards your only, but if there is a blue light around your card, then you be happy that you found the rare card.

  • Infestation

This particular mission type is a little bit harder. You will have to fight with three separate battles where you will have to spend three energy points on each battle. Completing one Battle, you will be awarded some coins.
When you complete the entire mission with three battles, you will get certain cards. One of those cards is always a rare one.

  • Last but not least is rescue missions

As the name suggests that here you will have to press to your survivors by taking the zombies. You must kill the zombies before they deliver survivor, so make sure to kill the particular zombies that are closer to your survivor.

These are the type of missions you can complete in the game and increase your level. Missions are helpful in the collection of funds and resources in the game Walking Dead.

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