War Dragons Cheats

War Dragons Cheats

War Dragons Cheats and Review – Get Tokens and Rubies Fast

War Dragons is an amazing real-time strategy game in which you have to control your army of dragons. You have to breed and raise dragons by choosing the best ones from more than a hundred different dragons. Each of these dragons possesses different abilities and skills. In addition to breeding dragons, you can use them to attack the military base of other players and on the same hand defend your own base from attacks. Before you download and start playing the War Dragons game, read the below shared pointers as they will help you in developing a better understanding of the game.



Currencies In War Dragons Game:

Egg Tokens:

Egg Tokens are points that you need to collect in order to breed or upgrade your dragon. You can collect Egg Tokens by performing daily tasks, completing achievements, and by receive them in random drops during battles. However, collecting them through these methods require lot of time and patience. Instead, Egg Tokens can be bought with real money from the game store. If you don’t wish to spend time or money on collecting Egg Tokens then it is advisable to use War Dragon Hack. With this tool, you can acquire the required amount of Egg Tokens within a few seconds.


Rubies are the premium game currency, which can be used to speed up your progress in the game. You can earn Rubies by leveling up or purchase them from the game store. However, by using War Dragons Cheats, you can get infinite amount of Rubies whenever you desire.

Now that you know about the game currencies, check out the below shared important stuffs that you need to take care of in the game.


They are your strength in the battles; so, you should always ensure that your dragons are bred properly. You can unlock over hundreds of different dragons as and when you level up in the game. The stronger the dragon; more Egg Tokens will be required to unlock them! If you wish to turn the tide in any battle, it is always better to have the best dragons in your army.


The game features lots of buildings that you need to construct in your base. Each of the building serves a purpose in the game. For instance; you need to construct defensive buildings such as; archery tower, canon tower, ballista, etc. to defend your base against enemy attacks. On the other hand, resource buildings such as; lumber mill and farm are needed to collect important resources. The game also features other important buildings such as; hall of research, breeding castle, forge, etc. which do not have defensive or productive capabilities, but constructing them makes your dragons more strong.


Food and Lumber are the two main resources in the game, which are needed for almost all the things. You can collect them by constructing and upgrading buildings like Lumber Mills and Farms or use War Dragons Cheats to acquire unlimited amount of resources.

To conclude, if you have some leisure time in hand and want to spend in playing online games, then you should download War Dragons and start breeding your army of dragons.

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