World Of Tanks Hack

Earn Unlimited Credits And Gold With World Of Tanks Hack

World of Tanks is one of the finest battle simulation games wherein you can experience intense battle action right at the tips of your fingers. Here, you can form a team of up to seven players and battle against other opponents. The game features strategic gameplay, realistic tank physics, close combat action, coordinated teamwork, and more. Thus, it offers an ultimate war experience to all.



Shared below are details on gaming currencies, which are the most important component in the game as your success and failure depend on them.


It is the main game currency, which is needed to purchase new tanks as well as upgrade existing ones. The main source of earning Credits is by playing lots of PVP battles. However, the amount of Credits earned depends on aspects such as; numbers of tanks spotted, number of tanks destroyed, total damage inflicted, outcome of the match, etc. Earning Credits may sound easy but collecting enough Credits to afford a decent tank or an upgrade is a difficult task, which actually requires several hours of gameplay.


This gaming currency can be used to purchase special tanks and upgrades, which cannot be bought with Credits. You can also use it to buy power ups such as; camouflage, strong armor, etc., which will give you added advantage in the battlefield over other participating players. Unlike Credits, it is very difficult to earn Gold in the game, so the only option left with the players is to spend their hard-earned money on purchasing them.

Here are some general tips that will help you in earning these currencies.

Play Matches

Playing matches is the easiest and the most-effective way to earn Credits. You will also earn experience points by playing matches, which will help you in leveling up and unlocking new tanks.

Upgrade Account

You can upgrade your account to premium for a small monthly fee, which entitles to several benefits such as; two times the battle experience as well as Credits along with special items after each battle. This denotes that premium account members will level up two times faster than other players.

Watch Commercials

You can watch advertorial videos to earn some extra Credits and Gold. However, you can watch only certain number of videos each day.


You can send and receive free gifts from your friends and some of these gift items include upgrades and power ups. So, start sending free gifts to your friends and receive thank you gifts from them in return.

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The game has a huge community of over 100 million users worldwide, which is increasing on a daily basis. Listed below are some of the reasons behind its sky rocket popularity.


The game features over 350 unique tanks and other armored vehicles. These vehicles are designed by taking into account the actual blueprints of the war tanks in order to provide a more realistic gaming experience. The tanks are divided into several categories namely; Light Tanks, Medium Tanks, Heavy Tanks, etc. where each tank is ideal for a certain situation. For instance; Light Tanks have a better fire rate but inflict less damage while Heavy Tanks have a low fire rate but inflicts greater damage. The speed of the tank is also dependent on the one that you choose i.e. bigger the tank, slower will be your movements.


The game currently has 25 heavily detailed maps, which are also broadly classified into Summer Maps, Winter Maps, Desert Maps, etc. These maps differ from each other in terms of size, surroundings, environment, etc. Thus, the gaming experience on each map will be different. The maps have lots of strategic locations, which can be discovered and exploited in order to gain an edge over other players. So, you need to constantly alter your offensive and defensive strategies according to your maps.


The game has a clan system where you can form a clan with like-minded gamers and enjoy intense battles while reaping the rewards. You can even create a clan of your own or choose to join the existing clans in order to take part in clan battles and clan events.

Upgrade Mechanics

World of Tanks game has an excellent upgrade mechanics where you can customize equipment of your tank by adding new guns, cannons, and even go camouflage. You can also upgrade your tanks to increase its stats such as; Fire Range, Accuracy, Damage, Strength, etc.

To conclude, the game can keep you hooked for several days and if you wish to play with the best tanks then the World of Tanks Hack is a must have application.