WWE Mayhem Hack

WWE Mayhem Hack

WWE Mayhem Cheats – Quick Guide How To Get Gold and Cash

Starting with the new game can sometimes be freaky a lot; therefore, here we are with a guide for the particular game, WWE Mayhem. InIn this specific the particular guide; we will discuss various elements of the game and a lot of its features. Not only is this, but you will also get here some tips and tricks along with the WWE Mayhem cheats as soon well. Talking about the game, then it is available on both the Android and IOS devices where you can have a fight on the go on your screens. The game mainly consists of several superstars of WWE that you love. If you are a novice and you want to beat the game up with your skills and abilities, then you will need a guide like this for sure.e

Before getting on to the tips and tricks about the game, let’s first have a look at its significant elements that you should know about.


The game has two types of levels that are:

  • Player level
  • Wrestler level

Let’s discuss both the levels below in brief.

  1. Player level

The player level in the game is the basic level, which includes your complete profile. It gets upgraded whenever you play a new story or progress in it. Now, as you will unlock new levels in the game, you will get exclusive rewards that will be much better than the other modes of the game. You can unlock here new mode such as new versus mode and event mode as well if you want to get new and exclusive rewards.

  1. Wrestler level

Next up, we have the wrestler level that is a unique one out of all. To upgrade here, you will require playing with each wrestler out there. Whenever you upgrade a wrestler, its level will get a little bit higher. Let me tell you one thing to hear that leveling up the wrestlers is expensive in the game, and it requires cash and certain upgrade materials as well. So make sure you upgrade that particular wrestler that you use the most. However, if you don’t have enough amount of upgrade materials and cash to improve the character then and here year, the WWE Mayhem hack can be a lot of advantage to you.

Now that we have discussed in both of the labels that are included in the game, let’s get onto the tips and tricks you can use to improve your gameplay.


Being a beginner in the game sometimes makes it tricky for the players to understand the use of particular elements properly. The only thing the beginners require is a proper knowledge of all the features and then applying the gathered information to the gameplay. So, here we have made things easier for you by providing you the tips of the particular game here only. You can apply the below-mentioned tips to your game and see your gameplay improving. Rest a bonus tip here is first to get the basics of the game to your fingertips. So, let’s start with the tips:

  • Higher the levels more exclusive the rewards

The higher levels will provide you with more exclusive prizes. But clearing day higher and challenging levels is not so easy in the game to choose the higher difficulty level only when you are a pro at playing the fighting tactics.

  • Get a proper knowledge of the classes the game has

There are a total of 6 classes in the game that you should necessarily know about. These classes are wild cards, technicians, brawlers, high flyers, powerhouses, and showman. These classes are differentiated based on strengths and weaknesses. Now here there is not any descending or ascending level of power of these classes; instead, all of them are strong if you use them against a specific class. It means that a particular class is stronger or weaker against a specific class only. Make sure to get proper knowledge of the first and then choose the classes accordingly.

  • Proper team

Now it is essential in the game to choose a team that is compatible with each other and strengthens each other’s powers. So you need to know which players are effective amongst which ones so that you can create a legendary lineup for the fights. This you can figure out by looking at the synergies of the players. Synergies are special bonds between the wrestlers that are in your team. Synergies help to provided boost to your team wrestlers.

So, that’s all for the WWE Mayhem information. Focus more on strategies and making it stronger rather than just playing the game randomly. Proper plan and knowledge can when you a lot of exclusive rewards in the game. Rest, if you want to dominate the game and want to be on top fast in the game, then you should go for the WWE Mayhem cheats.

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