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WWE SuperCard is an amazing card battle game, wherein you need to collect your favorite superstar cards and use them in order to play card battle matches against your friends or random opponents. For the first time, you can experience intense in-ring action and card battle on your favorite pocket devices. The game can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices for free, but it features lots of in-game purchases. In order to progress faster than other players in the game, you need to know in-detail about the below mentioned vital aspects.



Game Tickets

They are Tokens that are awarded at the time of completion of different matches. The amount of Tickets that you earn depends upon the outcome of the match as winners are awarded more Tickets in comparison to losers. These Tickets can be used to purchase character card pack, which consists of a set of random superstars.


They are the main game currency, which are difficult to earn in the game unless you win King of the Ring or event matches. There are different types of character card packs that can be purchased with the use of Credits. Some of the best superstar cards can be found in packs, which you can buy only with Credits.

In short, you will need ample amount of both currencies to thrive in WWE SuperCard game. Here are some of the important tips and tricks, which will help you in collecting these currencies as well as enable you to assemble a collection of powerful WWE Superstars.

Daily Logins

The game will reward you with Game Tickets and Card Packs when you login to the game on a daily basis. Also, the rewards offered gets better each day; so ensure that you collect your daily login rewards every day.

Play Matches

Playing matches is one of the best ways to earn Game Tickets and it also increases the stats of your character cards. In order to earn good amounts of currency and improve your card attributes, ensure that you play matches each day. Apart from that, you can also earn draft picks at the end of each match. If you are a winner then you will earn four draft picks while losers earn only two draft picks.

Watching Videos

At the end of every match, you are given an option to watch a promotional video so that you can earn four additional draft picks. You will mostly get common and uncommon cards during draft picks and if you are lucky then you may find rare or very rare superstar cards.

While the above methods help in assembling a good deck of cards, but the process is time-consuming. Those who don’t want to spend their valuable time in doing these tasks can either buy game currency with real money or use WWE SuperCard Hack. Cheats are designed to provide the users with infinite amounts of Credits and that too instantly. So, you can assemble the best deck possible with the help of unlimited credits generated by WWE SuperCard Cheat.

Listed below are some of the important features of WWE SuperCard, which makes it better than other card battle games.

WWE Superstars

The game features a huge collection of WWE Superstar cards that can be collected and used in card battles. These superstars include present and past WWE Superstars along with wrestlers from NXT. You can unlock legendary players like; Rick Flair, Andre the Giant, Mankind, The Undertaker, etc. along with some popular superstars of the present generation such as; Seth Rollins, Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus, and many more. There are currently over thousand superstar cards, which can be unlocked and used in the battle. Moreover, new superstars are added into the game on a regular basis.

Innovative Battle

The developers of the game have ensured that the players get the feel of competing in a professional wrestling match by providing high-definition graphics. The battle begins with the arrival of superstars in their signature entrance styles. The game also provides several other effects such as; fireworks, entrance music, animations, etc., which is truly remarkable. As soon as the battle begins, you can perform your favorite signature and finisher moves on your opponents and enjoy an action packed battle.

WWE Events

In order to keep the fans engrossed into new activities, the game features lots of events that are in line with actual WWE events. The popular events in which you can participate include; Money in the Bank, Smackdown Live, RAW, Wrestlemania, and a lot more. You also receive special perks on participating in different events, which includes event exclusive superstar cards.

Game Modes

There are different game modes in WWE SuperCard such as; Wild, King of the Ring, Road to Glory, and Ring Domination. Wild mode or the exhibition mode allows the players to play card battles against randomly matched opponent, which is in similar tier to ensure that the competition is fair. King of the Ring Mode features a series of over 40 matches where the competition is intense as you have to compete against more than ten players. Road to Glory is similar to Wild mode, but has more number of matches while Ring Domination will allow you to play the card battles in the traditional way.

All in all, WWE SuperCard is a unique game in comparison to other card battle games due to its in-ring action, so you should give it a shot!

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  1. Wwe Supercard is the best game in the world
    I already play since season 1 and I need credit because i want to be the new dummerslam 19 tier

  2. I’m enjoying wwe a lot and I have a friend who is already very advanced so I really liked having the credits to catch him. AND THIS IS THE BEST SITE

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