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Zombie Strike Hack - Learn How To Get Gems


The Zombie Strike is a game that is perfect for those who are fascinating about fighting the combats because the genre of the game itself provides a battle platform between the zombies and the heroes. The game promises to provide its players a flabbergasting experience while playing the game, because of its graphics and the mechanics of the gameplay.  The game is in the hype due to its fresh and astounding storyline. Here you are swooped in a world which is on the edge of being destroyed because of the zombies. The main plot of the game whirls around the zombies, where you need to fight with them and thrive through the battle.

There are several modes in the game that one can have the experience of surviving through the modes. It is the platform where you can show your strategic skills and overcome the challenges that are there in the game. Rest there is one more thing that is necessary for the game that is maintaining the currency; however, there are Zombie Strike cheats that can be used to gain a liberal amount of funds in the game.


 Two main currencies in the game are there: the gems and the game coins. The gems are the premium currency in the game that is necessary to raise the level in the game. Therefore, one needs to collect the gems while playing the game, and spending them wisely is also an intelligence choice. Apart from there are shards that are required to level up the heroes and to unlock various items in the game.


Here in the game, there are some points of times when the players tend to hinge; therefore, I have mentioned tips about some of the problems that the players usually face in the game. So, to know more about these tips, stay tuned to the guide.


To make your hero more powerful, you can enhance the strengths and skills of the heroes by adopting one of the three things mentioned below:

  • Leveling up the hero, by equipping them with advanced gears such as weapons, armor, shoes, and the accessory can make them even more powerful, and they can thrive better in the battles.
  • Apart from that, the heroes can also be upgraded by utilizing the gold and the potions in the game. By using the gold and the Elixirs, the tier of the hero also gets evolved by one.
  • Through converting the jewelry, one can level up the heroes, which is only possible if you have enough amounts of shards in your hands. However, if you run out of them, then use the Zombie Strike hack to gain an unlimited number of the shards to continue leveling up your hero.


Daily log-in

If you are on a hectic schedule and not able to play the game, then I is recommended to at least check-in daily in the game. Thereby, you will catch hold of various cool items such as hero gears, the hero shards, and much more as a reward.

A five-star hero

Initially, in the game, you can accommodate a total of 6 players in the game, where having 5-star heroes is tough. Therefore, if you want to have 5-star heroes from the start then it is suggested to log- in the game through your Facebook or Google play account, this you’ll instantly get a hero having a 5-star rating in the game. Having a powerful hero in the team is very beneficial, as it’ll boost up the overall strength of the group, increasing the performance of the game.


These are a few tips following which you can in the game. However, rest all depends on you what strategies you adopt to save the world from zombies. Now without wasting any time further, give the game a try, and it’ll surely keep you enticed in its gameplay.